Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

I slept in this morning and woke up at 9, pretty late for me. 

I got up, ate my protein bar, and took my medication.  I did my God Time, then took a shower.  I had to run the fan in the bathroom for a while after my shower, and also air-dry my hair before I took a nap. 

Ron basically drank, slept, repeat. 

I took a nap.  Both last night and today I had weird dreams that did not encourage sleeping. 

However, when I took my nap today I had 2 cats in the bed.  Biscuit, and Torbie.  Torbie was off to the side, Biscuit occupied center mass of the bed.  I covered him with a blanket and he moved.  Then left.  I was sad about that but I still had Torbie. 

I took my medication, and ate, when I got up.  I was pretty depressed and feeling miserable in general.  I hoped the medication would help. 

Ron woke up and wanted me to watch a movie.  I told him I wasn't in the mood.  He swore it was the best movie ever.  I told him he said that about a stupid murder comedy with two rednecks.  It was so bad I turned it off halfway through and never thought of it again.  It was just awful.  I just couldn't handle that again.  He threatened to take away my "trips" tomorrow (he does that on occasion, threaten to, or actually, withhold transportation).  I told him to go ahead. 

He stomped off (so to speak) and came back a little later, pleading with me to please watch the movie.  I said OK, but if it sucked, I was turning it off. 

It'll be a long time before I forget that stupid redneck movie, which Ron thought was just the best thing ever. 

I watched it.  "42", about Jackie Robinson.  It was a sports movie, I'm not really a fan of them but it was pretty good.  Ron appreciated the narration, there were visual aspects he didn't know about. 

That took a while. 

And that, friends, was my Valentine's day.  A drunken, depressed husband, leftovers, and a sports movie. 

Biscuit, old lovercat that he is, got his can of salmon pate.  He was very happy about that.  I'm pretty sure Ron gave Torbie too many treats today.  Baby Girl is very independent so I didn't see her. 

Pretty soon I'll go to bed.  Hopefully I will sleep well and get a good quality of sleep, no nightmares. 

Tomorrow we go out for breakfast and that is it.  Business is slow enough we can get away with it. 

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