Saturday, February 4, 2017

"Why don't I roll down the windows?"

Today I'm up to almost 30K views a month. 

Same countries.  Recent posts.  Oh-kay.  I'm glad people find me interesting. 

I hope people can look at me and say "At least my life isn't that bad". 

I didn't sleep well.  I woke up with a headache.  But I did wake up with a Biscuit (gray/white cat) in my bed.  I got up and fed him as soon as I put on my glasses. 

I took my shower and got ready for work.  I did my God Time later, before I got online. 

Today was Truck Day.  We had to go to the warehouse and get supplies.  We went, and I parked Ron while I got everything.  He wanted 25 cases of drinks, which I got, and didn't leave much room for my snacks. 

I got several cases of chips, cookies, and pastry.  I didn't buy any candy, I still have some at work. 

I checked out and we waited for Jack, who showed up a little late.  He said his brother in law's truck was stolen recently.  That's awful. 

It makes me glad I don't own a car. 

Or a truck. 

Odds are, we would probably have a pickup truck if I did drive.  But Ron has trouble getting into pickups so maybe not. 

We got to work, I cleared off my carts and brought them out.  We loaded them in record time. 

I had purchased a $4 "performance t-shirt" at Walmart recently.  I was doubtful it would really do the job or stand up to any use, but so far it has.  I'm impressed.  It's cheaper than cotton, does the job, and is a nice color. 

If I join that gym I will have to buy some more in other colors.  I'll just need to find some decent shorts to wear to the gym.  And get a bag to carry my stuff. 

The machines were mostly full, except for the bottled vendor.  I stocked crackers, literally just crackers, in snacks, and then helped Ron with the bottled vendor. 

I also put out some sandwiches for the football-watching crowd tomorrow.  I know the other vendor will be out of cold food. 

I also talked to Ron, and we will be getting rid of the dead cold food machine.  We have the dead one, and a live one.  The live one is behaving just fine, but the dead one is very old.  Parts of it work fine, but the coin mech and bill acceptor are shot, and the tech couldn't put in new ones.  If it can't accept money, it's useless.  That's the whole point of a vending machine. 

We will just have to get the tech out to remove the lock - it has to be disassembled.  We will install a cheapo lock until they pick it up.  When they pick it up, we give them the key to the cheapo lock and off it goes. 

Currently, it is keyed alike to most of our other machines, and we can't let that key out into general circulation.  But Ron has a supply of cheapo locks and we will use one of those. 

That's all we need to do before we sent it back.  Then, we will move the bottled vendor to the vacated spot.  It will have a much higher profile and better traffic.  I'm sure Ron and I will be very busy stocking it. 

I'm always thinking about work. 

So, we finished, and came home.  I tried to take a nap.  The #6 kids went outside for a while but it was only in the 50's today, they didn't stay outside for long, just long enough to wake me up. 

Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight. 

It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow, and it's the Superbowl, in Houston no less, so I expect I probably won't be getting any kind of nap tomorrow.  I figure we can work on the accounting report instead. 

I did drowse a little eventually, and got that cold chill I get right before I'm about to fall deeply asleep.  Then the alarm went off.  Time to go. 

I got ready, did my God Time, and petted Torbie as she joined me.  Ron got up and began calling the dispatch computer for paratransit. 

He started cursing.  They were going to be late.  They were going to ruin date night!  He got very upset. 

It worked out, though. 

When the driver is late, Ron doesn't want me to talk to them.  He says it makes them "slow".  I say, they won't understand why I'm being "Bou-gee" (rude).  They expect me to chat.  They get upset if I don't.  They think I'm mad at them. 

So I talked to the driver anyway.  Ron was fine once he realized we would get there eventually, in good time.  Sometimes I have to remember he has a head injury. 

It's easy to forget, but he had terrible whacks to the head.  He had road rash on his forehead, encompassing the entire forehead.  He had huge lacerations over his right eye and on the crown of his head.  They had to staple him back together.  It's a miracle he didn't crack his skull and leak brains.  It really is.  Then he was in a coma for 3 weeks. 

So, yeah, pretty bad head injury.  Thank God he made it. 

Once we got there the manager assisted us (fast food date).  I explained we only had 20 minutes to eat, could he help expedite our order.  He said of course and did just that.  We had our food in less than 5 minutes, and Ron got extra chicken strips. 

It's been my experience, people are happy to help you out if you just ask. 

We ate our meal.  I finished mine and Ron had some leftovers.  We went outside and our pickup was late. 

When he arrived, I smelled a horrible stench when he opened the door for Ron.  Some woman in the front seat had doused herself in perfume.  It was so bad I could taste it. 

I got Ron loaded and shut the door, then followed the driver around to the back of the vehicle.  I explained Ron and I could not travel with that odor, and could he please run the air until he dropped us? 

"Why don't I roll down the windows?" he replied.  Good enough.  He did just that and we survived. 

Ron was dying to say something to the woman, but didn't.  He had a hard time restraining himself, though. 

We got home and fled the vehicle.  Ron was never so happy to see the wheelchair in his life.  We came in and got settled.  I watched a little TV, fed the cats,  and did Facebook, then called Mom and Dad. 

Dad needs another cardioversion treatment for his A-fib.  They are doing that next week.  Basically, they stop the heart and then restart it. 

It's important for me to know stuff like this, because it could be hereditary.  Dad says, when it's bad, he has a lot of fatigue.  Sound familiar? 

I haven't had an EKG since 1998, when I had a bad reaction to Compazine, an anti-nausea drug.  I'm not overly worried, though, because my doctor told me my heart was fine, if I could run a half marathon.  I hang onto that. 

I finished the call and played with the cats for a while.  Torbie likes one end of the cat toy, Biscuit the other.  I played with them both until Biscuit dragged the toy off to his lair.  It was pretty cute. 

It's your turn!  Blog time!  It's 7:30 PM on a Saturday night and I'm really thinking about going to bed. 

We'll see. 

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