Monday, February 6, 2017

"I'm going to give him one of my medications"

Well, I went to bed with one team winning, and woke up to find the other team had won.  I didn't sleep very well, either.  I woke up exhausted and in a bad mood. 

I took my shower, ate, took my pills.  Ron was in a foul mood.  He was very rude to me and everyone else, and verbally abusive to me. 

I basically had a choice of listening to him verbally abuse the driver because she was "late", or get him to point it at me instead.  I did the latter, and the slow guy sitting across the aisle from me found it really "funny" everytime Ron went off on me.  I wanted to slap them both. 

I did let the driver know the slow guy had taken off his seatbelt, because she could lose her job over that, so he did get in a little bit of trouble.  Ron sweetened up to the driver once we got to work (early), but I could tell the driver wasn't impressed.  She kept looking at me, and I kept smiling apologetically and telling her I was sorry. 

It wasn't much better when we got into work.  Ron was in an overall foul mood because paratransit had changed his schedule.  He had it in his head the sandwiches would come at 8, I kept telling him they come at 8:30.  He was running late today (the delivery man) and they didn't arrive until 8:40, almost an hour after we got to work, and I had stocked the snack machines. 

He was verbally abusive and ugly overall.  One of my work friends rolled his eyes at Ron's behavior, after Ron rolled off I said "I'm going to give him one of my medications.  He needs it!  I just need to figure out which one!"  My friend snorted and agreed. 

That is really sad, when other people notice Ron's bad behavior, and for what?  He was "supposed" to be picked up at 6:48, and he was picked up at 7:20.  So what?  He's not getting fired if he clocks in late. 

Even if we missed the delivery, and I'm sure the guy would have waited if we explained, so what?  Sandwiches have been a dead seller anyway, I'm throwing away expired ones every week. 

I suppose it is a head injury thing.  He was off the charts upset. 

I was worried he would lose his service for "disruptive behavior" which is why I kept saying things like "Ron, you need to stop" and "This won't matter in a week".  Then Ron would attack me and the guy across the way would laugh. 

It's a good thing I took my pills.  I wanted, as I've said, to slap them both.  I didn't. 

Then I'll get banned. 

I was also annoyed to see that #6 decided to prop a ladder, horizontally, against my house, it runs 10 feet along the siding and is wedged in the fence at the end.  It looks horrible, and he's always one of those "Everything has to be perfect" guys - he even mowed my yard one day (without permission) before one of his parties.  It could damage my siding if he leaves it there, especially if the kids do their "kicking the soccer ball (have I mentioned I passionately hate soccer now?) into the fence and smash the ladder against my siding. 

But I don't want to let him know it upsets me either, and he's liable to get into some kind of "Well, you have to let me park in your driveway" thing again, or "want" something in return.  It's easier just to ignore it, which I plan to do unless I see a problem developing.  It's in his front yard, basically, so I figure either 1.  The junk scavengers will steal it or 2.  He will get tired of looking at the ladder everytime he exits/leaves his home and will move it himself.  I've lived here almost 13 years, this is the first time it's come up, and if I don't make a big deal of it I'm sure he will deal with it on his own. 

It looks horrible.  Maybe the HOA will send him a letter. 

We finished everything up at work and left.  I got Ron something from Stripes and that brightened him up.  He was probably hungry and that was a factor in his tantruming this morning.  We came home, I took a nap. 

When I got up we arranged for the courier to come tomorrow to pick up the check and deliver it to the boss.  Ron and I did the accounting work, did the P&L, and filed the report.  Good.  Now we are doing for a while. 

Well, once we get the check mailed.  Sent. 

The boss told us a bunch of checks that were mailed, went missing in transit.  Probably thrown away by the carrier.  So mailing things is out, and that's really sad considering where I work. 

The courier was very nice last time and the check arrived in a timely manner.  We will support our local small business and do that. 

I just need to make out the check, and fill out the envelope.  I brought home a special indelible pen for that. 

God willing, I plan to go to bed early tonight and get plenty of rest.  I want to get up early and make sure I get the check done.  I just hope Ron doesn't have a hissy fit again if the guy doesn't have a receipt. 

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