Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's eve

I had a hard time falling asleep last night, so 4 AM came way earlier than I would have liked.  I hit the snooze button a few times and got up eventually. 

Biscuit waited eagerly while I brushed my teeth and put my glasses on, then fed him a can of cat food.  I took my glasses off and took my shower. 

By the way, a few nights ago I saw a giant spider in the shower enclosure.  It was so big I wasn't sure I could kill it.  Ron's no help, the one time I tried to have him kill a spider he broke a broom and the landlord almost called 911. 

The next day, it was gone.  Not very relaxing in the shower these days, wondering where it went.  I didn't have to shave my legs so I was happy about that. 

I got out, dried my hair with a towel, and got dressed.  I checked Ron to make sure he looked OK, he did. 

We got ready to leave.  It's actually interesting: when we leave the house we exit through the door to the garage.  That way, if a cat escapes, I can catch it.  It's not "outside".  We have a metal ramp leading down from the door-between-the-garage-and-kitchen, parallel to the actual garage door.  The ramp has a bump at the top.  I push Ron over the bump as he sits in the wheelchair, then I release and let him go flying down the ramp.  Sometimes he hits some stuff stacked by the far wall (by #6), usually he stops before he hits.  We find it fun. 

Then Ron turns around and backs up, away from the door.  I hit the button for the garage door opener and it opens.  I roll Ron out into the driveway and he shuts the door using his remote.  It works for us. 

We went to work.  We had an interesting theological discussion with the driver, it was very friendly. 

We got to work and hardly had anything to do.  I stocked about 15 bags of potato chips, that's it.  I didn't even need to do the crackers.  I helped Ron with canned sodas. 

The sandwich guy comes at 8:30.  The repairman called at 8:20.  I should have brought my cart out when I went to meet the repairman, but I didn't.  I had to let the repairman in, give him my keys, and then go out and get the sandwiches.  I paid up, got the sandwiches, and stocked them while the repairman took our old lock out of the dead food machine.  It required disassembly.  I can "usually" take a lock out of a vending machine, if the "wart" is visible.  I just push on the "wart" while rotating the key and pulling it out, and it generally slides right out.  But we couldn't do it with this one. 

So, I finished the sandwiches (all $20 worth) and watched as Ron asked the repairman to move some vending machines.  We moved the dead food machine out of the middle of "the row" of vending machines.  We have 3 soda machines, 3 snack machines, and some bill changers in a row.  Not necessarily in that order. 

If you really want to know, we now have 2 canned soda machines, the bottled vendor, a snack machine, a canned soda machine, and two more snacks.  We do, now. 

He put the dead food machine back over where the bottled vendor used to be, partially behind the ice machine.  It all went great. 

I only had one problem, when I got my keys back one of them had the removed cylinder lock stuck on the key.  It was covered in machine oil, which I got on my hands when I removed it. 

Hopefully, the repairman locked up the pallet jack when he was done using it.  I didn't see him do it so I wonder.  If he didn't, and it "walks off" the other vendor will be apoplectic. 

In that case, we would just buy a new pallet jack.  I can't do anything about it now.  I don't even know where they store it. 

We went to Walmart.  Ron got in the kiddie cart.  I had fun pushing him around the store.  I bought two cases of savory salmon pate for the cats. 

We finished up and headed home.  I took a short nap and actually woke up before the alarm. 

I got up and did my God Time.  That accomplished, I got ready to go out to dinner. 

We headed out to our local taqueria.  They have really good, cheap, food.  I got a barbacoa quesadilla.  Barbacoa, to my understanding, is a slow roasted cow's head.  It tasted like roast beef, but it needed more salt and it didn't really "work" with the cheese. 

I should have done shrimp. 

It wasn't bad, but I didn't love it either.  Normally I like everything you put in front of me, except mushrooms. 

Ron had 2 beers and some tortilla chips.  He ordered 2 burritos to go.  He had the staff cut them in half, and put each half into a quart ziplock bag.  They didn't quite understand what he wanted (they are primarily Spanish speakers), so they wrapped them in foil, too. 

At any rate, Ron got what he wanted.  I ordered a cheese quesadilla to go. 

I found it interesting, the parking lot was full of overpriced gift baskets for Valentine's day.  Ron asked if I wanted one, I said no, I just wanted him to "be good" tomorrow. 

That won't happen but he will behave, more. 

Our first Valentine's day was interesting.  I had a raging kidney infection and ended up spending a week in the hospital.  I had horrible nausea and vomiting, high heart rate, and a raging fever.  He brought me red tulips, and accidentally let the cat out when she went into heat. 

We got a nice litter of kittens a few months later!  Two of them went to live in Mexico, two went to a bus driver, and we planned to keep one. 

Our landlord said she got run over, but I believe he killed her.  She was a black cat and he was superstitious. 

Now, if you think a black cat existing is bad luck, how much worse the luck if you kill it! 

That was our first Valentine's day. 

I had Ron text the repairman and ask if he locked up the pallet jack.  I hate to bother him but this is really bugging me. 

Happily Ron gave him a bonus so hopefully he won't mind. 

Good.  He just got a text saying the repairman locked it up. 

Now we just have to get rid of the dead food machine.  When that happens, there's a layer of  ick on the floor underneath it.  We will have to bring - I will have to - bring in a mop, bucket, and cleanser. 

"Heather" you might ask, "The facility is over 20 acres, under one roof.  Surely they have a mop and bucket."  Yes, but they are specialty items, only a custodian can check them out, and they are accountable items. 

This is what they want me to do: if I spill a can of soda in the lunch room, or, more likely, Ron drops one, we are supposed to call and wait for them to send someone with a mop and bucket, and make this person clean up our mess.  That doesn't seem very fair, does it? 

So, I will bring my mop and bucket, I can store it in the stockroom, and clean up the mess after they get rid of the old food machine.  The equipment used to move vending machines tends to leave marks on the floor, as well, so I'll clean those too. 

I want them to like us, to feel like we contribute to them.  I don't want them to feel like we are pain in the ass vendors who are always asking for something.  Or worse, ruining their hard work. 

It's just pulling my weight. 

I don't mind mopping, anyway.  I just hope I can find a wet floor sign when the time comes. 

The cats have really been enjoying their pate.  I'm glad I got 2 cases.  I think I will save the old flavor for disaster kit/run out of cat food, and just buy the new stuff from now on. 

I like making my cats happy, and they're so excited about this stuff. 

Happy Valentine's day. 

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