Friday, February 24, 2017

A short post, for a change

Today was better.  Ron made some noise last night and kept me up, but I was able to sleep in until 9 AM.  That was great.  I got up, took a shower, did my God time. 

Ron apologized without doing so, if you are married to someone like that you know what I mean.  He was solicitous and concerned. 

Have I mentioned how much more I like sober Ron? 

I took a nap and slept pretty well.  I had a strange dream about my earlobes growing.  I woke up and watched some crime dramas for a while, swept the front room, and waited for my Lord of the Rings movie to come on. 

Ron woke up and asked me if I would watch another movie, it was cute, he swore, and not depressing, no adultery, just "fun".  I said OK. 

It didn't have closed captioning.  I "get" more of the movie or TV show when it has captioning.  Most major productions have this but it wasn't a major production. 

I watched it.  Yes, it was cute.  When we turned it off Ron got a call from a friend, so they talked for a while. 

I got online and checked Facebook and my message boards, then set my alarm for tomorrow. 

People are moving in next door at #2.  Let's hope they are the married couple with the teenage daughter we were promised.  Let's pray they are quiet and we don't have any parking issues. 

The landlady has promised us they will not have any pets.  So I don't have to worry about a dog barking all the time like I did with the Barkappotamous back in 2010-2011. 

Here's to hoping I have a good time watching my movie and a good night's sleep.  Have a good weekend. 

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Anonymous said...

sending you love this is a tough period for me I feel like I can really empathise but want to plead and vomit words (SPANK HERE) so I will just say ..right now I am focused on my plan B and it helps to know you have what you need ready you ! any chance you could do a bible hand out just to do you for you a day and get that healthy rush you get when you do somehting so close to your heart and life that is not about Ron? right? maybe ?

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