Thursday, February 2, 2017


Every year, I get my blood tested. 

Every year, I get the results. 

This year's results were unremarkable, my sodium was ALMOST low, but everything else was in the normal range.  Except the lithium. 

Normal range is .6 to 1.1.  "They" used to consider a higher range desirable, but it made people sick and the side effects were gruesome. 

The last couple years, I have tested at .6 or damn close to it, every time.  I should.  I'm taking 4 lithium capsules every day. 

Back when I was taking 2 capsules a day, my levels tested at .1.  We went up to three capsules.  I went to .3. 

Today I got a call from my doctor, while I was in the Walmart looking at powdered drink mixes.  The cheerful young woman told my level had come in "a little low" but Doc "wasn't worried about it".  I thought maybe it was a 5.5 or something. 

I finally got home and found it was 4.4?!?  What the what?  I am so diligent about taking everything. 

AGH.  Frustrating.  And I worry it makes me look like I'm not diligent in taking my medication.  It has to be a truly AWFUL migraine before I will skip my medication.  The only reason I'll do that is if I'm vomiting or about to do so. 

So, that put a damper on my whole day.  Maybe I'm so depressed because my level is low, not high.  But if Doc isn't worried, I'm not either. 

I got up pretty early today, but later than I should have.  I took my shower and hurried to get dressed. 

I ate a protein bar and took my pills. 

Our ride was very late.  I guess I didn't have to hurry after all.  It was a driver we know. 

He is having a lot of frustration with one client.  She is "slow".  "Slow" clients cannot be left alone, anywhere, the driver has to walk them into the building.  The girl's mother arranges a 7 AM pickup for her, even though the workshop doesn't open until 9 AM, leaving the driver to babysit her for two hours, while attempting to get her back to the workshop somewhere around 9 AM so "her pay doesn't get docked, and her mother calls and yell at me". 

It's an impossible situation for him.  I told him, someone in authority needs to tell the mother they will not pick up the girl before 8 AM.  That way, he isn't stuck babysitting her, and short the seat she's using. 

"We're not a baby sitting service!" he vented, as the girl sat vacantly in the backseat.  At least she behaves.  Some of the slow clients can get violent.  I saw one hit a driver on one occasion. 

I don't envy the drivers. 

We got to Walmart and Ron wanted to ride in the kiddie cart, for a change.  I found one and we got set up.  The wheelchair took up most of the space in the cart (I fold it and put it in the basket), so we didn't buy much.  Ron mainly got some batteries and glucosamine.  I got drink mix, and what I thought was a six pack of Diet Mountain Dew.  I only found out it was regular when I got to the register, so I put it back. 

I also got some cookies and a bag of individual serving sized chips.  We can't forget Biscuit's num nums, which I will put on the table at suppertime.  Otherwise, he will go into a frenzy of desire for them. 

I found out the other night, if I feed Biscuit early, he doesn't remember it.  He still begs, desperately, later on, making me feel like a monster. 

But "we're" trying to lose weight here. 

I looked at the bank but the lines were horrific.  I didn't even try to get in that line. 

We left and went home.  I put everything away (except the cat food), ate one of my sausage biscuits, and took my pills.  Then I took a nap. 

I got up a couple hours later. 

I did my God Time.  I have a confession.  At times, I don't want to do my God Time, but Torbie always joins me, gets in my lap, butts her head against me, and purrs like you wouldn't believe.  She makes God Time a lot more fun.  I'm going to have a hard time with God Time after she dies. 

I checked my email and saw my test results.  It made me more depressed, at first. 

Then I thought, they ran dozens of tests and all of them are in the normal range.  All of them.  And that's not even with me eating right.  That's a gift from God. 

My kidneys are fine.  My livers (grin) are fine.  That's a good thing. 

So, I'll focus on that.  Ron is still asleep but at least he isn't having a blackout. 

Tomorrow I'll talk about the business stuff we have to do, it's not very exciting though. 

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the views you are an amazing woman who lives an amazing life. Nope my life is not any better or worse than yours and I really believe there are a lot more folks like us than are honest about it. Life's struggle is real

I am so happy you get paid and Ron sticks to it that is huge you know . Lots of folks live worse and get nothing.

Hugs and kisses to the kitties and hope for a great weekend for you too least hope you get good sleep!

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