Monday, February 27, 2017

Small prey

I woke up with a nasty headache at 3 AM.  I took some aspirin and went back to bed.  I woke up at 4 and reset my alarm for later. 

I got up, got dressed, and drank 2 Diet Mountain dews instead of one.  The second one seemed to help a lot. 

We went to work.  I had some stocking to do but not much.  We finally remembered to bring the toolbox today, now I have picks, pliers, and screwdrivers on hand.  I think the only other thing we might need is a socket set. 

But.  The only time I see one of those is when we've called the repairman.  If it's a "socket" job it's probably beyond my scope to fix. 

Ron ran change after the other vendor left.  I was happy to see the coinsorter is still working.  I give God the credit on that, showing me what I needed to do to fix it. 

God made the universe, He can certainly fix the ___ (fill in the blank). 

I didn't need to take any more pain killers but I did drink a lot (for me) of diet soda.  Something about a cold, sweet drink when I have a headache, really seems to help.  I really got some sugar when Ron and I split a bottle of the new juice we're selling.  It was pretty good. 

We'll see what the customers think.  I took the money out of the machines and it was a decent amount.  I guess I get paid this week.  Ron also ran some change to take to the bank.  They like presorted change.  We dump it in a giant plastic bag with an adhesive strip.  The bank teller fills out some paperwork, which goes in the bag along with the change.  We deposit it and they credit our account the same day. 

If needed, they would do an adjustment if it wasn't what we claimed it to be.  That has only happened once and Ron got it fixed.  It was some dollars and some cents, including pennies.  The deposit was only quarters.  How could we have pennies?  They fixed it.  Since then, no problems. 

So, that will happen pretty soon, I won't say when.  I wish we had a hand cart, because those buckets of coins are heavy!

Ron finished that.  We were done.  I realized I was out of Snickers. 

I managed to pull some from a less-popular machine but I still had to scramble.  We will get some more candy tomorrow. 

We came home.  I was pretty tired, the headache had worn me out.  I took a nap and woke up before the alarm. 

I did my God Time and watched a little TV before we left the house.  We went to Arby's and got some roast beef sandwiches.  They gave us the perfect amount of time. 

I bought another bag of cat food, too.  Now we don't have to go to the store for probably another month.  The cat food lasts a lot longer now. 

Speaking of, I need to feed Biscuit.  Done.  I'm putting the food on the floor (the plate, with the wet food) now, because Baby Girl keeps knocking it on the floor anyway when she "covers" it.  It's possible she is all, or part Bengal cat.  She loves to "cover" her food as if she were covering waste in the litter box. 

Easier to work with her than to fight it.  She's a stubborn girl. 

Biscuit brought home a lizard earlier, he had a lot of fun with it until I caught it and let it go outside.  Lizards don't bother me at all.  He did get part of the tail so hopefully it learns to stay out of the catio from now on.  It literally had to walk into the lion's (cat's) den to get caught, because Biscuit isn't wandering around outside anymore. 

I'm glad they can still hunt, and very glad it isn't any larger prey.  Ugh. 

So, now I'm going to watch a little TV and go to bed.  We have an early day tomorrow. 

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