Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Great Escape

I woke up at 7 AM today to get ready to go out for my "'Valentine's Day" breakfast with Ron.  Yesterday, we had severe rain in the morning so that was out. 

We got picked up by a sick driver.  She kept coughing.  I really hope I don't catch it.  We heard a little drama on the radio, a driver and a client's caregiver had a he said-she said episode and the driver was told to document her side of the story. 

We got dropped at the BBQ place and I decided to get the chicken fried steak breakfast.  It was pretty good but I won't get it again. 

Ron got his egg sandwich.  He likes that, it has predictable "results", so he doesn't have any bathroom emergencies.  We talked a little. 

We got picked up by a nice Indian man (from the sub-continent) who was playing country music.  I found that interesting.  I would have figured he'd have something with a sitar or something. 

We had a fast trip home, no other pickups.  When we got home Ron opened the garage door. 

I was horrified to see Baby Girl, and Biscuit, wander out of the garage.  I ran towards them yelling "Bad CAT!".  Like that would help.  Baby Girl bolted but I was able to catch Biscuit.  It was windy today and apparently the wind blew the door open between the garage and the house, the cats went exploring in the garage, and then we came along and opened the garage door. 

We agreed we will keep that door deadbolted from now on. 

In the meantime, I tried to catch Baby Girl, and failed.  Ron had a moderate case of hysterics.  She is his Baby Girl. 

I figured she would come home when she got hungry.  Unlike Biscuit, she lived as an indoor/outdoor cat for years before we put her inside.  We used to make jokes about her having a house down the street, because she always went, and came home, from the same direction. 

I figured she was having a visit with her friends, or exploring some backyards. 

I wanted to lie down and take a nap.  I was tired.  I had taken all my medication.  I gave Biscuit a can of salmon for being a good boy and letting me catch him. 

Ron was pretty upset, though. 

I finally decided to "help" him.  I got the cat carrier (the "good" solid plastic one), put Ron in his wheelchair, and left the house.  We deadbolted the garage-to-house door when we headed out.  We went two blocks in one direction and came back.  I saw a lot (surprising, because it's midweek) of neighbors outside but they were all busy.  I saw another cat, a nice looking gray tabby.  It was scared of us. 

We gave up and came back home, Ron still calling for Baby Girl.  She came right up to us outside the garage door, from the direction of #2's backyard (one of her favorite playgrounds).  I caught her and put her in the box.  She objected, but I got her.  She fought from inside the box, making loud objections. 

Ron, horrified, told me to open the door.  But we had the deadbolt locked.  I had to set the carrier down and fish the keys out of my pocket.  I got the door open and released her.  She ran down the hall towards Ron's room. 

Ron headed straight for his room, right after her, and opened up a bag of treats.  He let her eat as many treats as she wanted, feed-bag style, as I gaped in shock. 

He wanted to apologize for "mistreating" her with the carrier, but I had to put her in the box.  The cats are scared of the garage door opener and I didn't want her bolting again. 

Then I took my nap.  I slept pretty well for a couple of hours.  I got up and did my God Time. 

I watched a little TV and helped Ron pay the credit card bill.  I ate a can of "Spaghetti Rings" and fed the cats.  Baby Girl knocked the plate of wet salmon on the floor.  I had to pick it up with my bare hands and put it back on the plate.  Yuck.  Then I washed my hands and cleaned the floor.  I fed them some dry food and filled up their water.  Baby Girl tried to knock the salmon down again.  I may need to start feeding them on the floor. 

I just need to do the litter boxes before I go to bed. 

After everyone was back home, I did tease Ron about catching "My favorite" before I went after Baby Girl.  Baby Girl is just not a cuddly cat, with me at least.  She just, in my opinion, lives here. 

Torbie and Biscuit are much more cuddly. 

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