Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday night

It's been a long day, but a good one. 

It started off terribly.  I had a nightmare Ron was rolling around a parking lot, looking sharp and on top of things.  I felt such a sense of pride in his ability, in spite of everything. 

Then a huge white box truck raced into the parking lot, crunching Ron in his wheelchair.  What a horrible way to wake up. 

I spent the next 45 minutes curled up with Biscuit, in my bed.  I did my God Time later. 

Biscuit and I got up, I brushed my teeth, and I fed him.  He was a happy boy and didn't vomit this time.  He's a puker.  I love him, but he pukes.  A lot.  He also walks around with a dirty butt because he apparently doesn't know how to clean it.  I put him on a diet in case it's his weight, but I saw him cleaning the base of his tail today without touching his butt area. 

I believe he was taken from his mother, too young.  A cat needs to be at least 8-12 weeks old to function OK.  They can manage, if you take them younger, or the mother dies, but it's best for their overall emotional and physical health to wait until the mother is hissing at them and chasing them off, before you take them. 

That's my theory behind his grooming issue.  Now Gravy was always happy to groom Biscuit, but Gravy's gone now and Biscuit's left walking around with a dirty butt.  And his butt is white, everything shows. 

Ew.  I never really wonder why poor Biscuit got dumped in the woods by his first family.  If it wasn't the puking, it was the butt. 

I still love him, though.  He's my boy.  He got in my lap a couple times tonight as I finally finished my Lord of the Rings movie.  We had a good time. 

I wish he let me kiss him on his head, but he won't.  He hates it.  Sometimes I do it anyway. 

Enough about Biscuit.  I took my shower and got dressed in one of my performance t-shirts.  We went to the warehouse. 

Ron had confirmed with "Jack" so we knew he was coming.  Ron only needed 19 cases, including 2 "smaller" cases of juice bottles.  I talked him into buying the "good" 100% juice drinks, instead of the cheaper, 7% juice, corn syrup laden drinks.  I was so ashamed to stock those. 

He agreed, and I think he will warm up to the idea.  I want to sell quality products.  So yeah, we don't make 12 cents a bottle.  I can live with that.  We make plenty of profit on the other drinks. 

I bought the snacks I thought I needed and checked out.  Jack came on time and we loaded the truck. 

We had a good ride to work and then I got the carts, brought them out, and we loaded them.  Jack remembers how I like things (I try not to be bossy or imperious), and does it.  He's a good guy. 

I hope he wants to continue helping us for a long time. 

I got everything in the building.  Ron decided to do the bottled vendor first, instead of last.  Made a lot of sense to me. 

I did snacks while he did that.  He needed, I think, 4 cases for that. 

I restocked the fridge and put our new water in there to chill, along with the juice.  I bought (with my own money) some sugarfree, caffeine free, "health nut" soda and managed to cram that in there too.  Now I have something to drink that won't make me fat, or hyper. 

I mailed my health insurance check, all $400 of it.  If I put the money in a health savings account I wouldn't need health insurance, just a catastrophic plan, although I guess what I have is a catastrophic plan. 

We finished stocking and left.  We came home. 

Two cars were in the driveway at #2.  I heard them moving in last night.  We shall see if they are "good" or not.  One of them blasted their horn several times as they came home tonight, after 10 PM.  I didn't think that was "cool", especially as we get up so early most days.  At any rate, two compact cars with Illinois plates.  I am guessing they're from Chicago.  If I get a chance to talk to them I will ask. 

I took a nap.  I didn't sleep very well, and overslept.  I meant to wake up an hour before our next pickup and do my God Time, but I forgot to set my alarm.  I only had 20 minutes, not enough time.  I try to "work" my God Time in like that if at all possible. 

Ron and I went out for BBQ.  He was very angry about the trips but, as I asked him, was nice to the driver.  They were a little slow making my pancakes, especially considering it was very slow at the time, but I got them eventually and they were good.  Ron kept wanting bites.  He got ribs. 

I don't like ribs, too fatty I guess, although I love sausage and that's like 90% grease.  Sometimes I can eat sausage, sometimes not.  It depends on my medication. 

Speaking of, I took my medication and drank my diet soda. 

We had a good ride home with a driver who hadn't seen us in a while.  He took the toll road so we paid the toll.  $1.25 seemed like a good deal to skip all those red lights. 

We came home and #6 had all the kids outside playing.  I was glad I planned to be in the front of the house, watching my movie.  The movie was 3 hours long.  They were pretty much done by then.  There was a strange car parked out front, two of them actually, so I guess they were having a small party. 

I know they're going to have a birthday party (read: loud, late-night uproar) next Saturday but it's forecast to rain.  It's possible they had the party this week instead, but I think they would have had more cars.  I think they are just having one this week and one next week. 

If I know they're having a party, I can plan for it.  I can be out of the house.  I can watch a movie.  I can work on the computer.  I can do something in the front of the house, where the noise is diminished.  I DON'T have to lie in my bed right next to the uproar begging God to please clear all the Bad Thoughts out of my head, and replace them with good ones. 

Happily, Ron also said he will not be doing the very early morning soda delivery next week, he's going to wait another week.  Nothing worse than a late night party next door when I got up at 2 AM. 

The movie was good, I liked it.  Lord of the Rings is always good.  They sure did a lot of commercials, though. 

You may find this funny, but I don't own a DVD player.  I have one, in my computer, but I seldom use it for that.  I have some DVD's but I don't watch them (maybe 5).  I generally just watch movies on TV.  And it's funny, because my Dad's side of the family was always so into watching movies at the theater, watching them on the VCR, renting movies every Friday or Saturday night was a part of my childhood. 

And here Ron is begging me to watch "a movie" once every couple of weeks.  I may let him pick a couple to watch next week during the party. 

I don't have a DVR, either.  I wouldn't know how to hook it up to my cable box.  Pretty funny coming from a woman who used to build her own computers. 

I need to download a freeware office program.  I, happily, have "a guy" I know online (known him for over a decade, from back in my message board days) who is a computer guru.  He can advise me on a good free program to use.  It's nice to have a computer guy. 

And I have a computer guy here in Houston, a couple miles away, if the new computer program eats my hard drive and I need to reinstall Windows 7.  [grin]  He, of course, charges. 

Torbie's been good, she sleeps with me almost every night.  Baby Girl remains Ron's baby.  She isn't "mine" in any real sense.  She is all about Ron, who is currently upset that she is now laying against his right leg, instead of the customary left leg, during their cuddles. 

But just when I dismiss Baby Girl as "just living here" I'm reminded how she slept with me the night Bubba died, at least until a drunken Ron went staggering down the hall waving the cat treats.  She loves to sleep in Ron's wheelchair, he always has to check it. 

Sometimes Biscuit will get into the wheelchair.  If I hadn't seen him do it, the white cat hairs on the black nylon would be a dead giveaway. 

That's one reason I'm glad I wear cheap clothes; the cats, when they get in my lap (Biscuit and Torbie) love to dig their claws into the fabric of my clothes and pull, leaving little snags here and there.  It doesn't matter with a $12 pair of jeans, or a $3 t-shirt.  It would matter a lot more if I had any kind of investment in my clothing. 

Not to mention the cat hair.  Easily half of my laundry time is cat hair removal. 

That's it.  Have a good weekend.  God willing, I plan to sleep late tomorrow. 

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