Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Working when sick

I just talked to #2's landlady.  She wants to have her guy trim the hedge between the houses.  OK, I'm fine with that.  I just hope they leave enough that I have some privacy left in the front room. 

However, I have to figure the yard guy is not going to cut the hedge down to the ground.  He's a yard guy and he will make it look better without butchering it.  He does this for a living. 

She also said something about the leaves in the yard.  We've gotten a lot of leaf fall the last couple days.  She wants to have the yard guy clean that up. 

Of course I said yes.  1.  I want to stay on her good side - she would make a bad enemy and 2.  It's free yard work. 

She's pretty desperate to get the place rented.  I wonder if she found more rat poop inside the house, or whether the man got rid of it before he left.  I didn't mention it to her, because she'd have pointed that anger at me. 

But I wouldn't want my cat in there, much less my husband or child. 

Not my problem.  I won't say anything to the new tenants. 

Yesterday we went to work, came home, I tried to take a nap, took my pills, went to bed.  Pretty standard "working when sick" fare. 

This morning we got up and went to the warehouse.  The driver had an open, powered, laptop sitting in the front passenger seat.  I would have acted like I wanted the seat even if I didn't just to get him to turn it off or move it.  He also had two gallon jugs of water and a big jug of cranberry juice.   He was an African migrant, I could tell by his accent. 

I have to figure he had a bladder infection.  Men don't get them very often because they have a long urethra.  Just a guess. 

Anyway, he decided to put his 3 jugs into the driver's foot compartment, where the gas and brake pedal live.  Then he had troubles working the right-hand pedal due to the jugs, he had to keep moving them.  He wasn't a safe driver in other regards, either. 

Lastly, he had the window down.  I would have appreciated him asking if I minded, because the wind kept blowing my hair into my face.  It was very annoying. 

I was really happy to get out of there.  One we unloaded he apparently left and I vented a little to Ron, he was an unsafe driver, I didn't like the open window, and what was with all the jugs of water?  "We're not in Africa anymore" I said.  "You don't need all that water.  You can get water anywhere here."  Then I heard the cab, windows still open.  Ooops.  It was parked about 100 feet away but he probably heard me. 

Oh, well.  I didn't say anything awful. 

We went in and I tried to get the items on Ron's list.  However, the store was out of 20 ounce Ozarka water.  They had two cases.  One was pretty much destroyed, and the other was destroyed.  I went with the first case. 

I got the other drinks and loaded up on snacks.  For once, I had the room. 

I paid with $5 bills, the cashier was pretty annoyed.  Then the cart attendant ran off with my receipt (he was just eager to get the truck loaded but we need the receipt for accounting purposes), so I had to forget about buying my fountain drink (I usually buy one) and chase after him. 

I was due for my mucus pill.  They are working so I try to be vigilant.  Since I didn't have a drink I drank one of our diet Cokes when I took it.  I had just bought the Diet Cokes.  I'm not really a fan of the drink, but I'll drink it if there's nothing else.  I really liked the Diet Coke with Lime they had a few years ago, or Diet Coke with Lemon.  Both were really good drinks. 

We got the truck loaded and went to work.  It was uneventful. 

I got the carts and unloaded the truck. Some people, there to attend a training, kept gaping at me.  I wondered how they thought the treats got into the vending machines.  I assure you it is someone with a cart, bringing the goods. 

We finished up and left.  Our driver was waiting for us.  We had a straight trip. 

I got Ron in the house and tried to take a nap.  #2's landlady had brought her whole family for the house cleanup.  They were pretty quiet but the dog behind us was not.  It barked every minute or two, during my entire (attempted) nap. Normally it is a very quiet dog.  I don't know what had it so upset. 

Now random people are setting off firecrackers, and not a peep. 

I did sleep a little. 

I got up and did my God Time, got on the computer for a little bit. 

I'm still sick but gradually (I hope) getting better.  I don't have any pain, just sinus drainage down the back of my throat, and coughing.  The tablets help with that. 

I'll be glad when this is over.  Oh, and I'm getting depressed. 


We stocked.  Things were pretty slow so I wasn't worried about leaving the machines tomorrow. 

We will be back very early Friday morning. 

I finished up and

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