Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sick, so 2 days in one

I'm battling a bad cold.  I'm so glad I can't give it to you. 

I was fine yesterday morning.  I forget how I slept but I've been waking up with cold feet.  Maybe that was a factor in my cold. 

Actually, I think my trip to Walmart on Friday had everything to do with the head cold. 

Anyway, I got up and went to the warehouse.  We met "Gary", a driver with a pickup truck.  He has a toolbox in the truck bed that takes up the width, by two feet, but we managed to cram a surprising amount of merchandise into the remaining area. 

We got to work and I got the carts.  Gary had unloaded most of the merchandise.  Looking good!  I got the carts loaded and we went to work.  Work was pretty uneventful except for the sandwiches.  We had 5 sandwiches expire and I had to throw them out. 

After work, we went home and I took a nap.  I woke up feeling fairly poorly.  We went to Arby's and got something to eat, then came home. 

I didn't sleep well last night, congested.  I can't take decongestants because they interact with my antidepressant and cause seizures.  I don't want that.  I took some 4-hour mucus pills.  Those, I can take. 

I slept a little better after that but woke up with cold feet.  I realized the cold front had come into town.  I got up, took my shower, and did my God Time.  I watched a Star Wars marathon off and on while trying to nap. 

It was about 20 degrees (F) with the windchill.  I thought it was pretty funny that #6 actually sent the kids out in the weather to "play".  They kicked the soccer ball about twice and went right back in the house.  Then he (husband/father) came out, probably to show the kids "It's not that bad" and he went back in pretty fast.  I can hear their front door, they always slam it. 

I got a short nap after taking another mucus pill.  I have the usual symptoms: itchy sinuses, watering nose, congestion, sneezing, headache.  I am most worried about congestion turning into a sinus infection like it did at the start of the year.  Worst case, I see Doc, get another steroid shot in the butt, and take some antibiotics. 

I'm taking all my herbal stuff too, antioxidants, vitamin D, olive leaf, etc. 

I have no appetite, which is pretty customary when I'm sick.  It used to drive my adoptive mother nuts.  "You have to eat!" 

Well, she's right, I do.  I have to take my PM medication with food.  I made a whey protein drink (about 40 grams of protein) and had most of a sandwich with it.  I really don't have an appetite.  I have to figure my body is using the lack of food to kick start immunity. 

We have to work tomorrow, which won't be fun, but I'll do it.  I started taking the 12 hour mucus pills.  5 and 5 (AM, PM) is easy enough to remember.  I am breathing better but overall feel crappy. 

But I don't eat a lot of vegetables (ha!  More like any vegetables), I don't get enough protein, and I've been under stress lately.  It's not surprising I got sick. 

I just hope, if it gets worse, #6 doesn't have his party this year.  He seems to alternate it, and only do it odd years.  I hope. 

Anyway, I plan to go to bed pretty soon so that's it for now. 

Oh, and I put the heated mattress pad on the bed.  I will finally have warm feet. 

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