Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holy Spirit, or menopause

Sunday night I finally took a hot bath with some lavender essential oil.  It helped.  When I finished, I took a hot shower to wash off all the toxins from my sweating in the tub. 

Monday I got up late (for me) and went to work.  We met the repairman, who fixed all the problems with the coffee machine.  It now takes bills and change, and brews coffee - I did a test vend and gave it to a customer.  Of course my hands shook as I handed it to him, I almost dumped it on him.   That poor man.  He snatched it from me before I could do any damage. 

He also, I hope, fixed the bottled vendor.  It was working when we left.  A sensor got sticky and needed some cleaning.  That reminds me, I need to get some 409, the only repairman-approved cleaner. 

I just put it on my list.  I lost my paper list so I am using my "talk and make a list" app on my cell phone.  I don't use a lot of apps but this one is funny.  One time I made a list and said "Snickers" - it substituted the n-word.  I said "Ron" today, it put "women".  But I will get the general idea. 

I stocked, snacks really needed a lot of work.  Candy, not so much, but chips in particular.  I also had to fill up the change banks.  Inside the vending machine, lives the coin mech.  It has tubes for quarters, dimes, and nickels only.  That's why you never put pennies in a vending machine, it will jam.  So, I had the glamorous job of putting nickels into the nickel tubes, one at a time, as the computer added them to the change bank.  One machine does that, the other one doesn't count the change, but it knows when it's out and says "Exact change only".  I filled it, too. 

Now people can buy their snacks and get the correct change.  Yay.  Sodas are easy because they are 75 cents.  Most people just use 3 quarters, and the people who use a dollar get a quarter back.  No filling of the change bank.  I am hoping we can stay at 75 cents for a while yet. 

Coffee, by the way, is 75 cents for 12 ounces of regular coffee with cream and/or sugar.  Premium drinks, like hot chocolate or French Vanilla, go at a dollar for 12 ounces.   A pretty good deal for the nightshift workers. 

Pretty soon, all done.  We went home. 

I can't talk about what happened in the next hour.  It was good, but it could get someone in trouble.

When we got home, #6's yard guys had their equipment strewn all over my driveway.  The driver was pissed.  Glad to know it wasn't just me that got annoyed.   

Ron and I had a good lunch, I took my meds, and took my nap. 

I woke up and did my God Time.  Ron complained about it.  I did it anyway.  I cried over my persecuted Christians news letter.  I don't know if that is the Holy Spirit, or menopause. 

I watched a little TV.  I heard some doors slamming.  I looked out.   #6 had a bunch of cars in front of his house and across the street.  Great.  I figured it wasn't another party because it was a Monday night and all of them have kids. 

It was also cold and damp, lousy weather for the kids to run around with the soccer ball.  It was quiet, but I figured out they were having another home church. 

Last year, they had loud home church sessions in the back yard, terrible singing, some guy shouting about the devil for over an hour, in Spanish, etc.  Very rude and, in my opinion, a terrible witness.  That is not the way to advertise or share your faith, by keeping your neighbors up on a work/school night. 

It came to an end last year when another neighbor got a gun and started firing it into the air during the sermon.  They stopped after that.  I did not call the police.  I wanted to hug the gun owner. 

So, since he built that big addition on the back of his house this year, they are apparently having the services there.  No one is bothered.  Good.  That's the way you should do it.  Maybe put an invitation on your neighbor's door but leave it at that. 

I was happy. 

Ron had messed up his clothes again.  I told him he has to get naked if he eats, or drinks alcohol.  It is too much work scrubbing out these stains every week.  It took me about 20 minutes to do them all, and he didn't have that much.  Happily the blue Shout Gel works pretty well, I haven't met a stain it couldn't beat. 

I went to bed early.  I only heard a little talking as one guy left (he was really loud), and that was it. 

I slept OK, had some interesting dreams, but woke up with yet another headache.  I am so strict with my diet.  I am not eating anything that would cause a headache, but I still have them.  Ugh.  Horrible. 

I took some Excedrin and drank a Diet Mountain Dew.  That helped. 

We are going to Walmart in a little while.  I'll let you know how that goes. 

Hopefully I can put Ron in a kiddie cart. 

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