Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dark Roast

Interesting day. 

I was up all night stressing out about the electric bill.  The billing lady at Walmart said she had to have a new bill, and cast a very skeptical eye at our $1900 "credit".  I checked the "extra" bill we had and it was for the old billing cycle, too.  Agh. 

I did not sleep well. 

I got up and we went to another Sam's Club, not our usual.  This one has Dark Roast Community Coffee, it makes a very good cup and the customers love it.  It is also an acceptable price point as well.  I went, bought a few other things for work, and got 25 pounds of coffee.  We shouldn't need to go back for months now. 

We had an hour wait before our pickup.  It finally came.  Then we had an hour ride to work.  We picked up an older lady with dementia, who lived at some apartments that flooded badly back in April.  She was asking the driver to take her to a different store than the one on the trip computer, and he told her he couldn't do it.  He had to pick up 2 wheelchairs (including Ron) and a guy in a walker. 

I had to give him my security badge to get us past the gate (I am allowed to do this per our police force at work), and he wouldn't give it back.  I had to get a little snippy with him "I need my badge, please!"  Then he handed it over.  Other than that it was a fine trip. 

We didn't have enough time to do all the stocking.  Ron had a temper tantrum because we had a communication difficulty, screaming invective at me in front of Mike (works for the other vendor), and one of my regular customers.  The customer looked at me pityingly later, and I grinned back at him as if "I don't let him get me down".  I tried very hard, not to take it personally, but he was a little ugly to me until he finished "his" stocking. 

I was so busy helping Ron I didn't have time for "my" work, but things looked like they would be OK for another day.  We will be back there at 5 AM on Friday morning, for hours, I will get it all done. 

We finally left and I took a nap when we got home.  I was exhausted.  I forget all that travel, and waiting, can be taxing. 

I got up and did my God Time, the Bible study portion.  Then I checked the mail.  We had a bill from the rehab hospital.  We had a bill from the ambulance company.  We had a bill from the electric company, praise God. 

I opened "the electric".  It said our last payment was $102, we currently owed them @ $52, and no credit, they showed that cleared off the account.  Good.  Perfect, in fact. 

I got home and opened the ambulance bill.  I was told it would probably run around $1200.  Nope.  It was $88.  I guess Medicare paid after all.  Praise God! 

Ron and I dreaded opening the rehab hospital bill.  I figured it would be between $5-6K.  I was wrong. 

It was $1288.  Considering he was there for 3 weeks, and all the pain pills he was eating, I think that's amazingly low. 

Thank God.  We had planned to go out to Arby's anyway - we have to make our paratransit trips the day before - but now we had a reason to celebrate.  Our ride came early and off we went. 

They left us there for over an hour (again!), so I walked over the dollar store.  I found some puzzles for my Dad (he doesn't read the blog), with designs he should like.  I need to work on "Mom" presents and something for my aunt. 

So, crazy day but I got some Big Issues resolved.  I'll be even happier when I get the electric bill paid tomorrow. 

Ron lost his wedding ring.  I'm not upset - it's funny, we are both very messy but he's always yelling at me for it.  I don't ever yell at him for anything other than staining his clothes.  I just need to get his ring sized - I have no idea of his old band size - and find something cute so we can "match". 


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