Monday, December 12, 2016

Everyone wants the puppies

Pretty tired.  I need to start posting before I take my evening pills, not after.  The "after" tends to be a lot of groggy. 

Got up, shower, went to work.  Did my God Time later but I did it. 

We had limited inventory.  I stocked what I could and made it look good.  The boss came by to give Ron his review, which was excellent.  We talked for a little bit before he left. 

We left, and saw him on the way out.  I waved with one hand as I pushed Ron's wheelchair with the other.  Ron is "trying" to walk more which is good for building up his bones.  I do worry about his bones. 

We went home, I took a nap. 

I forgot to mention, #6 had another party last night.  They stopped around 8, I guess it being a school night/work night and all.  The kids were really loud kicking a soccer ball IN the bouncy house.  At least they don't play loud music anymore. 

I didn't really get enough sleep on account of that, so I really needed my nap.  I finally got it and had a pretty good nap.  No nightmares even. 

I got up and did my God Time.  I had some cramping with my cycle, when it gets heavier my uterus lets me know. 

Sometimes I wonder: if Ron and I had kids, what would they look like?  Could I have even gotten pregnant?  How many kids would we have had? 

God will let me know one day.  As it stands, He seems fine with Ron being fixed, because I never did get pregnant that I know about.  If God wanted me pregnant it would have happened. 

Do I sit around pining for the children I never had?  No, kids are a lot of work.  I can take care of myself, Ron, and a couple of cats, that's it.  I've got nothing left for kids. 

If I did become pregnant and give birth, I would give it up for adoption.  To quote what I said back in 2012 "I don't want to fail my kids the way my mother failed me". 

Ron woke up, angry.  He wanted to go to Walmart today.  OK, I said, we can do that.  Then he changed his mind. 

Chuck was sick on Saturday and we couldn't do our supply run, which is why inventory levels are low.  We cannot do a supply run tomorrow because the custodians are waxing in front of our stockroom door. 

Ron called Chuck and talked to him, a long, plaintive, cry for help.  "I am depressed, bring me more vodka in about a week".  I have mentioned to Ron he certainly seems depressed, and told him medication could be highly beneficial, but Ron refuses.  Maybe one day he will get help, maybe not. 

Ron hung up with Chuck and told me one of Chuck's friends found a dog, and was trying to give it to him, but Chuck said no due to finances (I think that is a good idea, especially while he is also sick).  They didn't want to give it to the shelter.  I reminded Ron our local "high kill" shelter had a 92% release rate (only 8% put down) last month, which is amazing considering the kind of animals they probably pick up, or are surrendered.  You're not "killing it" to surrender it. 

And, when Chuck is ready, he can get an already-vetted, healthy, temperament tested, fixed, shots, ready-to-go dog.  He has already said he would like a dog a few years old.  Great.  Everyone wants the puppies, he'll have his pick of some really nice dogs. 

Torbie (my shelter cat) has been great.  I would recommend the experience to anyone. 

Anyway, that's it for tonight, as I said, I'm tired. 

Oh, Biscuit (white and gray male, 2 years old) has been getting in my lap recently.  Not for very long at first, but longer and longer now.  He purrs so nicely.  He's a good boy. 

He waits until Torbie has left before he climbs aboard. 

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Holiday love dear Heather, trying to keep heads above water here as well


I got up around 8 and took my shower, did my God Time.  Ron only interrupted me once.  He didn't know I was "doing it".  He al...