Thursday, December 22, 2016

"She'll be better by then!"

Today I graduated to a sinus infection, and vomiting. 

I woke up feeling awful.  I have been sloppy about handwashing lately, partly because I don't think my "new" wedding ring can tolerate the soap, partly just lazy.  I blame this illness on lack of handwashing, improper diet, and stress. 

Which is kind of like kicking myself when I'm down.  "You feel terrible and it's all your fault!" 

Sadly, I have a pretty long history of Christmas illnesses.  I always seemed to catch the latest flu around Christmas every year, as a child.  I got a bladder infection last year, and another sinus infection back in 2012. 

I got up, showered, and took my 12 hour mucus pill, let that settle, ate a protein bar, and took my morning meds.  I watched Supernatural for a while.  TNT has the "new" season, which I haven't seen.  I made a raspberry lemonade with extra vitamin C.  I watched two episodes and then realized my stomach was upset. 

I knew I was in trouble when I started salivating.  I had been using my puke bucket as a trash can, so I frantically emptied it out as my stomach surged and roiled.  Oh, crap, here it comes. 

I made it.  Everything went into the bucket, it looked like the lemonade.  Maybe no more lemonade, eh? 

I took a nap.  I woke up and ate nothing.  I drank water.  I vomited again.  My sinuses were really unhappy by now. 

I have to figure my stomach is upset from all the extra supplements, etc., I have been taking, on top of my regular pills.  I took the last of the pepto liquid. 

I took another nap.  I slept pretty good until #6 let the kids out.  I looked out front, the "Mom" car was gone.  When Dad watches the kids he sends them out in the (tiny) yard to play. 

I lay in bed ruing the day I bought a house next to 6 children.  It got worse, now he fired up a leafblower. 

I gave up and did my God Time.  That went pretty well, considering.   He finished about the same time I did.  The kids had gone back in the house. 

I'm sick, let's go back to bed.  Nope.  He fired up the leafblower two more times in the next couple hours, waking me up both times. 

And the kids knocked a soccer ball into my yard, meaning I will have to pick it up with my germy hands, transferring this virus to the soccer ball, and throw it back.  I almost feel sorry for the kids. 

I decided I will at least wash my hands before I return it.   Hopefully the UV rays in the sunlight will sterilize it before the kids find it again. 

I almost hate to return the ball, because the first thing they do when they find it is start kicking it into the fence again.  But I can't keep it. 

I will return it tomorrow before I leave. 

We have to work tomorrow.  I should be functional at least, but I'm not looking forward to it.  My head hurts and apparently I can't take anything for it or I will vomit.  I have some effervescent aspirin with an antacid in it.  I will try taking that before I go to work tomorrow.  With enough time to get my bucket if needed. 

My head hurts at a sinus trigger point, and in on my right lower sinus area.  I don't have anything to worry about. 

So, I asked Ron to call Doc, having vomited twice and all that I figured I could really use some steroids.  I'm not so worried about the antibiotics. 

And the office told us there are no appointments until Tuesday!  Oh, I would have cried, but it would have made my head hurt. 

"She'll be better by then!" Ron replied.  Oh, I hope so.

I really feel like crap and I don't even feel sorry for whining.  Ron is just drinking and sleeping. 

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