Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy Face

Yesterday I got up at about 2:30 AM and got ready for work.  We had a soda delivery inbound. 

People always want to know when the delivery arrived.  In my mind, that doesn't matter.  It arrived before we had to leave, that's all that matters. 

I did my stocking and helped Ron with his.  The bottled vendor was acting up but hopefully I fixed it.  The fix involves 409 and a switch on the cup assembly.  It was working when I left, that's all I can say. 

Ron said he would give me the money he would have spent on a repair, if it's still working on Tuesday.  We'll see. 

I also did sandwiches.  We had a very slow month for sandwiches.  I'm glad Ron finally cut the order in half. 

The other vendor's wife wanted to know how I was feeling, she gets sinus infections herself.  I told her I thought of her when I had it, how much it must suck to get them so often.  She agreed. 

We left and came home after doing everything. 

I took a nap.  We got up.  Ron wanted to go to Carl's Junior and get some chicken strips.  I wasn't really hungry but I went along anyway.  He ate his chicken strips, didn't make a mess with the sauce (!), and I ate a single patty burger. 

Our driver came early but rode us around for over an hour before dropping us at home.  That was a long ride. 

We must have gone to 6 dialysis centers yesterday, total.  One of the dialysis patients was sick with a cold.  I kept hoping it was the one I already had.  I tried to be understanding: they have to go out in public and get their treatment, or they'll die.  That's pretty simple. 

I just wished the driver hadn't had to handle her wheelchair, and then handle Ron's, without washing.  When we got home I made Ron wash his hands, washed mine, and used disinfecting wipes on the wheelchair handles and brakes.  That's all I can do. 

At least I didn't have anyone begging me for candy.  They can be pretty rude about it, and I have YET to meet one person who mentions the "How to know Jesus" booklet I put in with the candy.  If I felt people were reading the booklet, and they weren't so demanding about the candy, I might still be doing it.  This is generally other passengers.  The drivers are far more polite. 

We came home and I fixed up my humidifier.  It has to be soaked in vinegar (the head) to remove scale before it can be used.  I soaked it, rinsed it, and set it up again.  Once I had it set up I went to bed early.

I slept a long time and woke up pretty thirsty, to Ron telling me he wasn't taking me to Walmart.  It was going to rain during the time we'd be there, and we'd be there "too long" (an hour and a half).  I reminded him the cats needed litter and he told me to take a cab.  Nice.  I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. 

I had a strange dream.  At first, I was preparing to leave a place I'd been staying.  I have that dream pretty frequently.  In it, I'll try to get to the airport or something.  In this dream, I left behind a bottle of Jasmine perfume because I didn't think it would travel well. 

Then the dream changed and I was sitting on the floor, surrounded by pills.  I was doing up my medication and trying to keep it all straight.  I saw a mound of bright yellow "happy face" characters.  They had large grins, arms, and little legs.  "Oh, candy" I thought, and put a large handful into my mouth.  Then I realized they were medication and I would kill myself if I ate the mouthful.  I began picking them out of my mouth, finding broken off arms and legs as I pulled the happy face characters out of my mouth and put them back on the floor. 

Strange dream.  I got up after that, fed Biscuit (he'd been waiting patiently), ate my protein bar, and took my pills.  No yellow happy faces, though.  That would be cool if antidepressants came like that, though. 

I did my God Time and I'm about to take my shower.  I plan to rest up a lot today because it's going to sound like the end of the world, tonight.  My neighbors take their fireworks very seriously. 

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