Thursday, December 15, 2016

Two days in one, again.

I knew yesterday would be a long day, and I was right. 

I got up a little before 7, took my shower, did my God time, etc.  I got Ron presentable.  My aunt got caught in traffic and was a little late. 

We had a long ride across town to see Doc, but he's worth it.  We got there 10 minutes before the appointment time. 

Ron was unusually carsick.  Normally he is fine.  It wasn't my aunt's driving, she's very good.  He just got carsick.  My aunt went to get him some medication while Ron and I went in to see Doc. 

A lady walked in with a large, "Edible Arrangement" of fruit.  I thought she was a happy client.  No, turns out she was a drug company representative.  Doc seemed more annoyed than anything. 

We agree, the older stuff is better anyway. 

I saw Doc, he was impressed I was able to take care of the business, myself, and Ron, after Ron's surgery.  We agreed to keep on the same medication schedule. 

I left, after scheduling my next appointment for April.  We didn't talk about it, but sometime in Feb. I will need to get my lithium level and chemistry panel, blood tests.  Doc knows I will. 

Ron was still pretty sick, so we gave him some original Dramamine.  It made him very groggy. 

He decided to hang back and wait at the office building while we went to lunch.  We did that. We found a Red Robin.  I don't think she had been there, either. 

I was a little horrified at the $15 hamburgers, but I found a $7 grilled cheese that looked pretty good.  I put bacon on it, it was very good. 

My aunt ordered the "grilled salad" only to discover, to her horror, that they actually grilled a chunk of romaine lettuce.  She was baffled and disgusted.  She did enjoy the chicken that came with it, and seemed to like her soup as well. 

My aunt, as I told Ron, is a very slim woman.  I probably make 2 of her.  She has the unique ability to eat half a French fry and be happy with it.  Or, one bite of dessert.  She would probably say she eats plenty of bad things, but you can't tell to look at her.  She does eat, just not much, which is how she stays so slim. 

Me, on the other hand... but she is always nice and doesn't lecture me about my weight. 

We had a good time and got back about half an hour before paratransit was due to pick us up to go to the warehouse (we incorporated "Truck Day" into all this).  We talked in the car and got Ron a little before the pickup. 

They sent a big van, which wouldn't fit in the parking lot.  We had to load Ron in the street. 

Amazingly, we had a straight trip and got to the warehouse in 30 minutes.  It was very crowded and a lot of inventory was depleted, but I managed to get everything on our lists. 

One of my boyfriends (cart attendant) helped me load the truck and off to work.  Since we were behind on our inventory, I didn't have much work to do, clearing off the carts.  I got them out and loaded pretty fast. 

Off to work, and stocking.  We did that for hours.  We only have small window to make some "real" money.  We haven't really seen it yet so we are trying to stock as much as possible.  We did that. 

I helped Ron and did all my own work, as usual.  Finally time to go.  It was now about 8 PM.  Our ride home came in a timely manner, nice driver, and another straight trip praise God. 

I guess they are making up for that 10 minute trip to Walmart the other day. 

We came home.  I ate something, I forget what, and took my pills, collapsing into bed.  I begged the cats to please keep using the litter box because I had no energy to clean it (12 hours "work" will do that to me).  They did, good babies. 

I slept OK but woke up very tired.  I had been a little stiff last night from the physical labor but that unkinked itself overnight.  One reason I try to eat a lot of protein. 

I got up, did my God Time, and took my shower, not in that order. 

I fed the cats their breakfast and headed off to Walmart with a driver we like.  We got there in plenty of time and I got half my pills.  They always seem surprised when I check them at the counter.  How will I know I got the right thing?  Or the right amount?  I think they shorted me on my lithium last time.  One time I got "Harriet" (My last name)'s diabetic medication. 

I got cat food, some more candy (Ron and I have a fun idea I won't share), food for Ron, plates for the cat food (I use a 6 inch disposable foam plate).  I finished up right on time and checked out.  I had a nice cashier who also liked cats. 

We had the same driver to go home.  He was telling us about some financial troubles he had, years back.  He wants to buy a house now. 

I wanted to tell him, a home is a lot more expensive than an apartment. 

I didn't.  We got home and I lugged everything into the garage, pushed Ron in the garage, shut the door, and went into the house. 

I put away the cat food as Biscuit had ecstasies over the whole case.  He got excited over the plates, too.  I can't pick up a foam plate in this house without getting him very excited. 

I was happy about the six pack of Diet Mountain Dew.  I put Ron's TV dinner (Nighthawk with Borracho beans - he really likes it), in the freezer and our deli meat and cheese into the fridge. 

I wanted something simple, sandwiches are about as easy as it gets.  I am finally "over" the deli trauma and willing to make a sandwich now and then. 

I put everything away and stored my bags in the insulated tote.  I took a long nap.  Ron made some noise but not too much.  I finally did sleep and slept pretty well, but at one point Torbie got in bed with me and I rolled over on her toe.  I felt very bad about that.  She kind of jerked and pulled away.  I apologized but she still moved. 

I felt like a very Bad Mother.  Later on, I got up, made us some sandwiches for dinner (Ron also had his Nighthawk dinner), and watched a little TV.  I have had minimal computer time yesterday and today but I at least wanted to give you an update for today. 

I hope you're having a good one. 

Things I need to do: get the rest of my medication, do up my Christmas boxes, and mail a package to Mom and Dad after I get their new address.  It looks to be a busy couple days. 

Hopefully not like yesterday. 

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