Friday, December 23, 2016

Slow year

I woke up feeling a little better.  I had slept better and the drilling pain in my frontal sinus cavity was gone.  So was the earache. 

Maybe I could work today.  Ron had texted me a horrifying list of drinks he needed to fill the machines.  I'd have to pick all them up, put them on the cart, get them through checkout, (cart attendants help load the truck so I'm free on that), cue joke about "keeping" cart attendant to help at work (we both laughed, I think, seriously, if I did try to steal him he would come), then I have to unload the truck with Ron's help (yes, I abuse the poor cripple with the bad back), put everything on the carts, push the carts in, fill the fridge, etc. 

I wasn't looking forward to any of it.  I took a pepto tablet with my morning meds, apparently the mucus pill is a little irritating.  As evidenced by yesterday's vomiting episodes.  I took the mucus pill, my headache prevention tablet, and my antidepressants. Bare bones. 

I ate a protein bar and drank a Diet Mountain Dew. 

Our ride came.  I did everything in paragraph 2, plus I got some snacks (it turns out I didn't need some of them). 

Chuck got us and took us to work.  He was fine.  We didn't have any problems.  Ron and he are BFF's again.  Just when I think I have people figured out, I realize I don't.  I'll just end that there. 

I didn't have any problems getting the stuff in the building.  I wore my back brace.  Can you imagine how it would suck if I pulled a back muscle?  With all the coughing?  Oh, no.  Better to walk around in my overtight "girdle". 

Speaking of, my pants are falling off.  These are 24's.  I think I need to check my 22's again.  It was embarrassing, they were really sagging like a homeboy's.  Thank God I wore cute underwear, I may have flashed while moving some cases of soda. 

Once I got into the building I loaded the fridge full of drinks.  We store 3 teas, 3 Cokes (bottled drinks, all of it), a Dr Pepper, a Sprite, and 8 waters in the fridge.  Ron also stores some backup canned soda in case he runs out.  I only had to "install" 6 waters.  Later on, I took out 3 so Ron could stock. 

Then I went to stock snacks.  Snack #3 needed cookies, I did that.  I checked 1 and 2.  They only needed 7 bags of plain Lays.  OH-kay.  Slow business.  I stocked it, and checked the change bank, which needed filling.  The machine gives at least a nickel back (70 cent price point) on each transaction so I go through a lot of nickels.  One day I found a guy putting all nickels into the machine to buy his treat and I almost cried for joy.  I made a point of thanking him for filling the change bank. 

Ron needed sodas, but not a lot.  I helped him.  Then I did the sandwiches, we threw out a lot.  It's just been a slow year. 

I felt moderately crappy while I did all this, but I was certainly able to work.  I tried to avoid my favorite customers.  I don't know if I'm contagious but I don't want to get anyone sick.  I also washed my hands a lot. 

Ron found out we get Monday off.  No sandwiches.  Well, we'll enjoy it. 

I gave a present to someone I like at work and she asked what kind of sweets I enjoy.  I told her "Peanut butter" - true, and then told her to do the shopping the day after Christmas when everything's half off!  I won't care! 

I always start to feel lousier right before it's time for my mucus pill.  I have about a half hour on it. 

I'm tired. 

So, back to work.  I did all that, finally time to go, left and came home.  We had a straight trip.  That was really nice.  We have been getting a lot of straight trips lately.  It's a gift. 

Nothing more annoying than driving half an hour to someone's apartment complex, going over 30 speed bumps, sitting outside the apartment, and then they aren't even riding.  At 5 AM.  Very frustrating. 

We came home, I ate some cottage cheese (I felt like I "could" eat, and it stayed down) fixed up my humidifier, and took a nap. 

I slept pretty well for a couple of hours, until the neighbors started making yard-care noises.  Someone else was running a circular saw. 

At least I feel I am getting a decent quality of sleep.  I'm rubbing a little tea tree oil over my sinus cavities now and then to help things along, but not really doing any other "remedies".  Anything that goes in my mouth seems to upset my stomach and I don't want to vomit again. 

I just have to leave it up to my immune system. 

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Anonymous said...

I love the teatree oil idea i do lavendar and peppermint on my temples for headaches and stress.
Merry Christmas i hope for a prosperous and peaceful ( yes we can have both I believe it!) new Year
Much love to you and yours, my poor dog needs prozac lol! Seriously my husband has a dog that is Aspergers as well they have meltdowns together! You see why i need a kitty? Love you

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