Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Ron woke up around 9, triumphantly gloating the neighbors hadn't had a party. 

I was in bed, listening to screaming, yelling, and intermittent thumps from next door.  "They ARE having a party!" 

"Well, I don't hear it" (drunk, with his headphones on and his hearing loss).  Well, good for you.  I sure did. 

I just hope they don't have another one tonight like they did last year.  Although, last year, they had some kind of home church/party on the 24th, and then a straight party on the 25th.  However, I'm sure a lot of people have to work tomorrow so I'm hoping they don't have a party. 

Anyway, here's to hoping I get some good quiet sleep. 

I am feeling "better" in some regards, yet still crappy in others.  The good news, everything is draining.  Bad news, it makes me cough. 

Cough suppressants can make me jittery, so I want to avoid them at night. 

I got up and did my God Time.  Still haven't taken a shower yet.  It's my day off and I'm sick. 

I waited until Ron was up, and gave him the largest present to unwrap.  It contained a case of cat food for Biscuit!  I asked for a can!  He's going to be so happy!  We also got cat treats, a large jar of cashews for Ron, I got a tungsten ring I had wish-listed on Amazon, and a few other treats. 

I was very happy with everything I got, especially as I had forgotten Mom could access my wish list.  I've been wanting a new ring, one that makes it easy to wash my hands, and now I have it.  With the other ring, which I still love, I always worried about sanitizer or soap damaging the abalone shell inlay.  I'm wearing the ring now, which fits perfectly (I am an 8 right now), has a nice amount of sparkle, and some interesting detail.  And it didn't cost her much. 

I tried to take a nap but I couldn't, so I got up again and watched some house hunting TV shows.  It is funny.  All the women are whining for stainless steel appliances.  I loathe stainless.  It reminds me of my foodservice days.  I find it really sad that families of 2 want a house with 2,000 square feet.  Ron and I share a home with 3 cats and have about 900 square feet. 

If you've ever watched one of those shows, you know what they want when they are making their wish list. 

Here's part of mine:
Good heater and AC
Window above the kitchen sink
On site washer and dryer
Separate room for Ron.
Wheelchair and mobility device friendly.
Tile floors (I got them in the common areas) 
Big yard for a garden.
Structurally sound (well, we had a loser on that one - the infamous bathroom wall issue, but other than that OK)

I am happy with my list and I stand by it.  I think God would have approved of it, too. 

[Hack, sniffle]  Ugh.  Still sick, but hopefully getting better. 

I really hope I don't have to go see Doc.  That's $100 in addition to what I have to pay every month for my crappy health insurance.  [hack hack]  Not to mention cab fare there and back, all the cooties in the waiting room, etc.  Yeah, really hoping to avoid a visit to Doc. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the man, he's a great doctor, but seeing him is not my idea of a good time.

I never did get "my" nap.  I was just too wound up from the caffeine this morning and probably my Children's Claratin as well. 

Around 3, I called Mom and Dad to thank them for the gifts.  They were happy to hear from me and we had a good conversation. 

I also called my aunt, she didn't pick up so I left her a message.  I don't expect a callback, she is busy with 6, I think, grandkids. 

My phone should auto-debit tomorrow, here's to praying everything works out.  Now that I understand what happened (Ron failed to pay the credit card), I think we should be OK. 

I turned on my computer and chatted for a while with a guy in Kenya.  He pays rent of about $50 a month for a one bedroom house.  Sounds pretty nice!  Wow, you could do some amazing missions work on no budget, assuming you knew the languages of course.  Although native missionaries are the cheapest.  They are used to living the way the other people in the country live, and won't have to set themselves up with "much needed" American-style amenities.  I told him a little about housing in Texas and California, enough to make him appreciate his own situation.  I hope. 

Almost 13 years into owning my own home, and I think it's a good size.  It's usually quiet and I appreciate that, as I work odd hours. 

20 minutes until I can take my mucus pill. 

Oh, I had a couple of plain hot dogs and a 1 ounce bag of fake Fritos for dinner.  I made Ron a sandwich and he was happy with that.  He is pretty easy to please, he's not one of those "Woman, cook me dinner every night" types. 

Thank God. 

I'm coughing again so I'm going to go. 

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