Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Black Cat nightgown

We got picked up late, to go to Walmart. 

I found a kiddie cart, folded the wheelchair, and put it in the basket.  I put Ron's coat in the seat, which was wet with dew, and he climbed aboard.  We went into the store. 

I headed over to the bill-paying center.  The lady taking payments said she couldn't take our payment, because it was from November, she said she needed an end of November or early December.  I think she was intimidated by the so-called $1900 credit on the bill. 


Anyway, she basically told us to go away.  "When we came back" she told us, we could jump to the head of the line.  I told her we were on public transit and would not be coming back today.  She kind of smirked at me. 


I made my deposit.  At least I could do that. 

I went in search of heated mattress pads for Ron, but I couldn't find them.  I am hoping to keep the thermostat down if Ron has a heated mattress pad.  He likes the house at about 80 degrees in the winter.  It's absurd.  He doesn't even like it that warm during the summer!  I keep waking up with these awful, dried-out, headaches I am convinced are linked to Ron's excessive heater usage.  He doesn't care. 

"My knee hurts when it's cold, and I don't like being cold anyway".  "Cold", remember, is anything below 80 degrees.  It's suffocating, expensive, and burns up the furnace.  He's really going to cry when that goes. 

I moved on to sweatshirts.  Ron needs dark tops because long sleeves pick up vending machine grease.  It is very obvious on a light or bright colored top.  That means I have to wash it every time he wears one to work, pretreat it with stain remover, etc. 

I try to make my life simpler, not harder.  I managed to find 4 (2 each in navy and black) sweatshirts in medium.  Good.  I will put them in the "use this" part of his closet. 

Then I went on to cleaning supplies.  I needed washer cleaner, and 409 for the vending machines.  That's the only cleanser my repairman wants me to use.  He should be a spokesman. 

I found those.  I had to get around the obligatory person standing and gaping at the room freshener display.  She was texting, I guess trying to figure out what fragrance he wanted.  "Warm Vanilla Harvest, or Holiday Pine?"  [snort] 

Cat food.  I managed to find 15 cans of Gravy Lover's Salmon.  They had some other product improperly stocked in the salmon slot.  I had to move it to scavenge what I could. 

"Sorry" doesn't cut it with Biscuit, when it's time for his num-num. 

I "made" Ron buy me 2 containers of Shout Gel.  That stuff is amazing for getting out his stains.  Amazingly, it got out all of Ron's looked-like-old vomit stains out of his current batch of clothes. 

Ron wanted cat treats so I bought some, and I bought some smaller bags to give away to some friends.  It's really fun to feed a cat treats.  Torbie will put her paw up on Ron and tap him when she is craving some. 

I bought some nitrate free deli meat and some cheese, and found some amazing dark wheat bread with wheat berries in it.  I also got some whole wheat hot dog buns, link smoked sausages, and cheese dogs. 

I try to keep the menu simple.  I am trying to get more protein so I think I did a pretty good job there. 

Time to check out.  We had fun with the cashier.  A policeman got in line behind us and she was giving him a hard time about "being a trouble maker".  He played along. 

I told her he couldn't be that bad, he was getting cat food.  We had a grin over that. 

We left and I went to McDonald's.  I got Ron a Chicken Biscuit, and a Sausage griddle for me.  I ate my food but Ron waited until we were on the way home. 

Our ride home came pretty fast. 

I put away the "cold" stuff and took my nap.  I had taken some Excedrin earlier for a headache, and I didn't sleep well. 

Torbie joined me, though. 

I got up and did my God time, then worked on the laundry.  As I said, Ron's clothes were a mess.  I really had doubts I could save them. 

I had done the Shout gel pretreater, and put some Cheer Dark (because they were all darks) into the washer.  I also added a Tide Pod.  Tide has the enzymes to kill stains and all.  I figured I needed all the help I could get. 

I checked all the clothes, again, and made sure I didn't have anything I shouldn't.  I added all the clothes and got it started.  I let that work while I got back online for a while. 

I got hungry and made a sandwich on the lovely dark wheat bread (I think one of my caregivers, when I was very young, used to feed me bread like that).  I put Gouda, Sharp cheddar, salami, ham, and turkey with mayo.  It was very good.  I gave Ron a bite and he loved it. 

That's some really good bread.  I will tell you in case bread is OK on your eating plan: Pepperidge Farm German Dark Wheat.  It was $2 for a loaf.  Worth it. 

When I can, have energy, time, whatever, I want to change my eating plan to less than (I always get the symbols mixed up ?) 100 carbs a day, and 1000 calories below what I "need".  That should do it.  I have had good results when I did that in the past. 

Really, it's the tracking that's the nightmare.  Writing every little bite down, putting it into Fitday, etc.  So far I haven't gotten to the point where that sounds doable. 

I used to have this cool little thing, it looked like a pocket calculator, I could just input the carbs for each meal, or look them up, and add them to my day's total.  Sadly, it died.  It only cost $20, too. 

The clothes came out of the washer, sparkling clean. I literally couldn't tell the new clothes from the horribly stained ones that had gone in the washer.  Impressive.  I'm going to split the credit 50/50 between the washer and the Shout Gel. 

I threw them in the dryer, they are mostly done now and hung up in Ron's closet.  I just need to finish drying my black cat nightgown.  It's a nightgown, with black cats all over it. 

I like it. 

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