Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Peanuts have protein

I get some very angry comments sometimes.  I have to wonder why they keep reading me if I get them so angry, but it's not my business.  My faith, I think, is the best part of me.  I delete comments I find "strong" for lack of a better phrase, and rarely the "overly personal" or "personal details I don't want shared" sort of post. 

I will admit I got angry at another blog.  Someone friended me on Facebook, and her only post every day was putting up the Matt Walsh blog and saying  "Me too" and "What he said".  I don't have a problem with Matt Walsh, but I didn't like his blog shoved in my face every day.  I appreciate independent thought, even if it's badly written. 

No wonder I keep writing. 

Ron was shocked I went to bed "so early" last night, but I got enough sleep and woke up on time.  I stayed in bed for half an hour with Biscuit, got up and fed him, took my shower (in that order). 

I did half my God time, as it turns out I could have done the whole thing.  If God offends you, think "meditation".  I typed that as "medication" at first, tells you how my mind goes. 

We were going to Walmart.  Ron had given me a pretty extensive list.  Our ride, however, was very late. 

It showed up half an hour past our pickup time.  Then they said we would get there at 9:20.  Our pickup was 9:40.  Ron had scheduled a "shorter" trip of 45 minutes.  We also had to go pick up an elderly man (he's very nice) in a wheelchair, that ate up more time. 

I was left with about 15 minutes shopping time, when we got there.  I left Ron inside the front door because people have been robbed, out front. 

Ron thinks I am "overly paranoid" when I tell him to put his money away quickly, don't wait outside, don't hold your wallet in your hand, etc.  He would just sit there with $100 in his hand, in the worst neighborhoods, if I "let" him. 

I don't think he will understand until he is, in fact, robbed.  I'm not looking forward to that day.  I wasn't even "robbed" and it left a mark, that someone put hands on me trying to steal my stuff.  (See Dec 2009 blogs)

I ran in and got a cart, not a very good one, and began racing around the store getting items.  After I finished, Ron was upset because I didn't get sliced cheese.  Dude, that's the only thing I didn't get on the list. 

How about the 24-count case of cat food?  More bread?  3 packages of deli sliced meat and some honey Dijon mustard?  How about all your snack foods? 

I didn't even get my drink mix, or any soda. 

I got out right as the return trip arrived.  We loaded up and went down the road.  We picked up an older lady and her son, who lived in a very fancy apartment complex.  I had to wonder why neither of them had a car, they weren't blind.  She was complaining she "got left" this morning.  Translated: the driver waited 5 minutes past the pickup time and got approval to leave her.  I didn't feel sorry for her. 

The worst that has ever happened to us, at work, is someone leaving the "proper" pickup spot to go to the "wrong" one, and then we have to try to get them back.  I don't know why they think we would be waiting at a mailbox.  It also shows a failure to read the pickup notes. 

At any rate, the young man reeked of cigarettes, it was horrible.  I don't think smokers realize how they carry "the stench" around with them everywhere they go. 

Happily, I didn't have a headache today. 

By this time, Ron was bragging on me, I was a fast shopper and "I really showed 'them'".  He has remained that way.  Well, at least he changed his mind, and we did have some cheese at home already. 

We were out of salami.  I love uncured salami.  It is so good just plain, or in a sandwich.  It doesn't seem to provoke headaches either.  So, I got that second. 

The bread (which, by the way is $3) was first. 

We got home and unloaded, I put everything (not much, really), away, and I ate some yogurt.  I took out the garbage and found a couple of soccer balls in our yard, one under my bedroom window.  Not real happy about that one.  I gently tossed them back. 

I took a nap and woke up with a headache, the words to "I wanna get better" running through my head.  Don't we all?  Want to get better? 

I had Torbie in my bed during my nap, I was very careful of her.  She is such a sweet lady.  She can be a little bit cranky with the other cats, but she's very loving to us. 

I pretreated Ron's clothes (lint roller, stain remover) and threw them all in the laundry along with my clothes.  I don't have much, just socks and underwear mainly.  I had some microfiber shirts I wear at work, I put those in lingerie bags so they don't get damaged.  They are great at wicking but not, I think, as durable as a t-shirt or something. 

I picked up a garbage bags' worth of trash and put it in the garage, to go out tomorrow. 

I finished my God Time (prayer portion), and Torbie got up with me on my lap while I did.  She and I had a lot of fun, her purring, me petting.  She really is a nice cat. 

Ron woke up.  He thought had had cancer on his leg.  I told him it looked like he had run into something.  He worried about diabetic ulcers.  I reminded him they would look like the ulcers he gave himself, abusing that back massager on his legs, a couple years ago.  He complained about his knee and I told him we need to get him an MRI, and that he might end up needing surgery for whatever is wrong.  He said he wouldn't do surgery, but I've heard that before. 

And he used to call me "sickly". 

At least he is taking his supplements on a regular basis. 

Which reminds me, I need to order more supplements. 

He started drinking, sigh, not much I can do about that.  He went back in his room and is eating his snack foods (Chex mix combined with some kind of nut mix I got him today).  Well, peanuts have protein, right? 

I need to eat and take my pills (I got smart and didn't do it just yet so I could actually talk today), then go to bed pretty soon.  My aunt is picking me up to go see Doc, and then we are working after that. 

It's going to be a long day, so if you don't hear from me tomorrow you'll know. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

You are street smart not paranoid Heather! I walked through a very dangerous party of a local big city , both the girls with me were walking looking at the map on their expensive phones, head down, in a very drug sick neighborhood. Rule number 1 i was taught when i learned to ride a city bus ...NEVER put my head down, show andything of value , just look like you have always been wherever you are" when i walk or if someone asks the time, i say " no clue no watch" and walk head up like a " local" ..i carry a phone and a shocky stick,,or pepper spray ( where legal) no purse, only the money i need where i can grab only it if i need it. .zero jewelry..dress in androgynous clothing ..no matter how " lost" i am , never show it i will find a locsl and ask indirectly " wow away for a couple years things change..didnt there used to be? ......" Only if i have to otherwise i look at my phone in a place where i can grab a cup of coffee when i saw the girls walking heads down? I yelled at them both lucky i didnt swat them ...that is asking for trouble you guys never act lost, take vauables out ... just keep walking and stop asking for trouble" you tempt the weak and i would rather go buy someone a burger than have them knock me out to grab my shit and sell it to buy drugs. .. I used to work in an inner city hospital and a buch of us walked in from a train together
On of my friends tried it alone once became paranoid of a homeless man and fell down stairs breaking bones..guess who called 911 and ran to help her? Yup he sure did ! So yes be smart, if i camped in the woods full of bears and raccoons do i let the kids have candy in tents ..bad example the smart ass in me wants to say " depends on how they behave!" Lol! You get my long winded comment! You are smart and looking out for Ron as well as removing temptation...sorry folks are mean..i love you the whole package!

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