Thursday, June 1, 2017

"You're in another country"

I had to day off.  I slept in until about 8:30, got up and took my shower.  I had planned to do my God Time after my nap. 

The morning went OK except the kitchen floor is sticky from all that whey powder Ron threw around.  Ron woke up, we talked a little.  He ate something so I decided to have my pupusa leftovers from yesterday. 

When we went to the pupuseria, Ron was impressed with the one he ordered, ate it, and loved it.  He had already eaten a snack earlier so he wasn't very hungry, but he ate it, liked it, and enjoyed the experience.  The proprietor turned on the TV to the Spanish language station.  Ron made a face at that, but I reminded him "You're in another country, now". 

We had a good time.  In part, I think, because they didn't sell alcohol. 

We came home and went to bed.  I already told you about my morning.  I did kill a wasp in Ron's room.  So, I ate my leftover (I got some to go) pupusas and took my medication, then took a nap. 

When I woke up Mr Yard Guy across the street in #7, always working on his yard, was mowing the yard.  I have noticed whenever our guys come out to fix up our yard, the next or same day he will be out there fixing up his yard.  We're not the worst yard on the block, he has to make it look better or he will be. 

I watched a little TV.  Ron came out of his room, sharing a story of how he tried to exit his room through the window because he thought things had gotten "messed up", then he realized he was the one turned around. 

He told me it meant he would only have 2 servings (additional servings) of vodka in addition to the 3 he'd already had earlier.  He came out and had his vodka.  I was sitting in my chair. 

He came over and sat next to me in his wheelchair, and started stroking my hair.  It gave me the creeps.  Then he started going on about how much he loves me: when I do what he wants.  He went on in that vein for a while.  It was all extremely conditional and him-centered.  As long as I was "feeding" him, he loved me. 

I found it sickening, but didn't say so.  He started talking about how much he loves pot and how much he wished he could smoke it, but "They'll hang you in Texas".  He said how much he wished he could "tune out" every day. 

I told him to consider what he had just said "Why do you need to tune out every day?"  He got angry with me and left. 

I ran the washer on a clean cycle.  It should be about done by now. 

I cleaned Torbie's box.  She likes to use a certain box near my computer.  She has been going back to it, and peeing, and seemingly straining at it, though. 

I may need to take her to the vet tomorrow, she might have a bladder infection.  I have enough cash for a cab and all; I just worry about her. 

She is precious to me. 


Spankadoo said...

I hope Torby is ok Heather keep us posted I always wondered how you get a sample of cat pee dog I just followed until she squatted..I know it is indelicate but I am curious!

Heather Knits said...

They have special litter that doesn't soak up the urine, when the cat pees in "the box" they can just pour it off.

She seems as lot perkier today and is acting very normal. I haven't seen any of the squatting or straining behaviors at all today. I think the antibiotics did the trick.

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