Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Full Blown Alcoholic"

Ron didn't want to go with me to my doctor today.  He decided to pay for a cab to take me, instead. 

My aunt couldn't help me because she is moving, so I had to take the cab. 

I got up pretty early, took my shower, shaved my legs, picked out a decent outfit.  I put on my flipflops and fed the cats.  I did some of my God Time (I did the rest later). 

Lou the cab driver showed up.  He had found the place on his keymap.  A keymap is a very detailed map of Houston, each page covers about 3/4 of a mile square.  It, of course, has many pages.  Then they have overview pages.  It is very complex and an "old school" way for cab drivers to find their way around.  I am pretty sure all paratransit drivers are required to carry a keymap. 

Lou thought that Ron way paying him $X for a round trip.  He was very delighted and surprised to realize Ron was paying $X for each way.  He, of course, agreed to wait. 

We chatted about the Virginia shooting on the way over, and I told him about the maniac who shot up my Dad's office building when I was 13, and how the guy is still on death row. 

We got to the office and I exited, went into the building.  You would think patients at a mental health doctor would be strange or crazy looking, but they weren't.  I mentioned it to Lou, later, and he said "That's because they all took their pills". 

I paid my copay and went back with the intern.  I talked to her a little. 

I explained my dosing (lithium is 4 pills 1x a day rather than 1 pill, 4 times a day) and then explained my mood had been pretty good except for some depression, which I attributed to my husband's drinking. 

When Doc came in I took a harder line and explained Ron is a "full blown alcoholic".  Doc wasn't terribly surprised and said it is pretty common with people as disabled as Ron. 

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful visit. 

I made my next appointment and left.  Lou was waiting in the parking lot and got me, took me home.  I told Ron I had mentioned I felt my depression was due in part to Ron's drinking, letting him know I had told Doc he had a problem. He was a little upset but not much. 

Ron was just happy he didn't have to go with me, he kept going on about how terrible it is to ride around, etc.  I didn't get into that. 

I just took a nap.  I got up before the alarm and did my God Time, with Biscuit laying at my side.  He was laying on his back with one leg sticking up in the air.  The leg kept flopping off to the side and waking him up, so I gently held the leg for him as I did my prayer time.  Biscuit seemed to like it a lot.  He didn't move or protest. 

I finished and let his leg go, it reminded me of holding someone's hand.  I got ready; Ron wanted to go get a burger and a takeout meatball sub from Subway. 

We had a pretty good trip to get their, but Subway was out of meatballs.  We had to settle for just a burger.  I did that and took my pills. 

Then I took Ron (lots of complaining about crossing the hot parking lot) to the pet store to buy another bag of cat food.  They just finished a bag and I always like to have 3 on hand.  Now I did. 

We looked at the rescue cats, who showed a lot more interest in Ron than they had in just me by myself.  I think it was the hamburger in the back of the wheelchair.  At any rate, they all came forward in their cages, alert, watching him.  I thought it was cute. 

I like "Buddy" the best, he is a stray with a big scab on his nose, tabby and white, very cute.  But I already have enough.   Biscuit is curled up on my bathrobe, to my left, lying on the loveseat where I do my God Time.  He loves to hang out in here (computer room), and I'm happy for the company. 

We went to Starbucks and got Ron an iced latte.  He likes those, I like that he is getting some protein from the milk. 

I saw our ride and went out to it.  It was a 4-seater, and already had 2 passengers in the vehicle.  One of them kept coughing, I will be sure to take my vitamins tonight.  I swear, if an epidemic hits Houston it will go through the paratransit service like wildfire.  I wonder if the epidemiologists have considered that. 

We got home, I did a load of my laundry this time.  I ran the wash, then put the wet clothes in the dryer without turning it on.  I don't want to run the A/C and the dryer at the same time, that's just wasting money.  I will run the dryer early tomorrow morning.  It mostly has socks and underwear, stuff that doesn't have to be hung up right away like shirts and pants. 

I have to get up at 5 AM tomorrow so I will probably go to bed in about half an hour.  Doc put in my medication refills so I should be getting them tomorrow or Friday. 

I hate to run low on medication. 

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Spank said...

I refilled my pills as well this week! Better living does sometimes come from the right and legal chemicals.

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