Sunday, June 11, 2017


Yesterday Ron couldn't stop singing my praises. 

We got up early, went to the warehouse.  The warehouse was out of the 20 ounce Ozarka bottled water cases, one of our backbone sellers.  Ron had a tantrum, the manager looked all over, but no water. 

I bought the rest of our stuff and we took Jack to work.  We arrived and unloaded the truck.  Ron found out the other warehouse had the water, and would hold some for us.  Ron texted or called Chuck, not sure which.  Chuck said he'd love to help but he was getting a little dizzy. 

Chuck is now prone to severe vertigo attacks.  He actually collapsed in a Carl's Junior parking lot one time, I thought he was having a stroke.  So that wasn't encouraging.  He said he would take one of his pills and lie down. 

I stocked, in the meantime. 

Ron decided to sort change.  The change sorter wasn't working the other day but God enabled me to fix it, saving Ron probably $150.  My set of picks and pliers are really paying off. 

Of course God gets all the credit on that, I only had a minimal idea what I was doing. 

Ron worked on sorting change while I worked.  After I finished, I couldn't get the internet on my cell phone to work.  I felt pretty baffled. 

Chuck called and said he was feeling better, and would come to get us.  I told Ron.  I put some of the carts away, but left the long folding metal handcart out where I could get it easily.  I was getting 12 cases, about 400 pounds of water, so I would need my cart. 

We went to the store.  Ron waited in the car.  I waited in line at Customer Service.  The clerk took me to a fenced-off area, guarded by a police officer with a taser.  She presented me with a flatbed cart, loaded with 10 cases of water.  I got 2 more cases and paid.  The cashier played dumb and didn't give me my change until I specifically asked for it.  I don't think she is used to a lot of cash transactions.  I did get our $6 back. 

I went back to customer service, pushing my heavy load, and asked for help with a "carryout".  Then I showed the receipt to the girl at the exit and left. 

The carryout man found me and helped me load the truck.  He got a nice tip for that. 

I got in the truck, gave Ron his change, and we headed back to work.  When we got to work, I got the handcart.  Ron got in the truck bed and shoved the cases of water towards the tailgate, and I loaded the handcart.  Then I got the handcart into our area.  I put 7 cases in the fridge and found room for the other 5, in the stockroom.  It was pretty challenging work. 

I am so glad Ron "let" me put solid rubber tires on the handcart, that made it a lot easier. 

By that time, I was pretty tired.  I had been working for a long time.  But wait, here's a customer asking for Chocolate Donuts, the one thing I didn't stock today.  I told him I would sell him off the cart because I liked him, and he was "my favorite".  I was a little loopy by then but he loved it.  He went around telling the other customers I was his favorite. 

Ron, in the meantime, was agog.  I had done so much.  I was the best.  I appreciated the appreciation, but I knew it wouldn't last long.  I told him to remember this the next time he was angry at me. 

I went home and took a nap.  Later on, I ate a hamburger and went to bed early.  I was pretty wiped out. 

I slept 12 hours, waking up with a headache.  I had to take some aspirin about 4 AM.  I woke up later, around 8, took some more aspirin, and took my shower, shaving my legs.  They needed it. 

I managed to fix my cell phone, for some reason data was turned off.  Once I turned it on again everything worked. 

We had a pickup around 10, to go to our favorite taqueria.  When we arrived, they had a sign on the door, "Closed, temporary".  Great.  More trouble with the health department or what?  So much for our romantic brunch.  The driver brought us home. 

We ordered Chinese food, which took a while to arrive.  It was delivered by a balding, middle-aged man who looked like an accountant.  I think he was a family member who got roped into making deliveries. 

We ate.  Ron likes his pork in garlic sauce, I got chicken and shrimp with cashew nuts.  It was very good. 

Pretty soon Ron started going on about that cowboy movie again.  He had given up on making me watch the whole thing, he said, but he just wanted me to watch 5 minutes.  He wanted to "share" it with me. 

I knew better.  He only wants me to watch it so I will describe the action for him.  I don't want to watch a comedy, and I sure don't want to watch a cowboy movie.  I said no and Ron started up again with the verbal abuse.  That went on for a while. 

I wanted to ask him what happened to yesterday, but figured it out: he said "I'm going to have a blackout" and went and had several more drinks of vodka. 

He "couldn't" do that if he wasn't "upset", and he had to find a reason to get upset at me.  He trotted out the movie (pardon the pun) because he knew I would say no, he could get upset, and win a free drunk. 

He did manage to get himself off to bed OK, and has been quiet, so at least I have that. 

I will be going to bed in about an hour and try to get a good night's sleep.  I hate having to work when I'm sleep deprived. 

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