Friday, June 2, 2017

This is what the emergency fund is for

I have a small emergency fund.  I don't mind using it for important things; like transportation after Ron's back surgery. 

I was really glad I had it this morning.  I didn't sleep well last night, Ron made a lot of racket all night long.  I woke up about 7:30 after a restless night of sleep; between Ron's shenanigans and worry about my cat, I didn't sleep well at all. 

I also had a headache so I took an Excedrin.  That helped wake me up and it dealt with the headache.  It did make me sweat a lot. 

I didn't have time for a shower, Ron had called the animal hospital and they said we could bring her right in.  That meant I didn't have any time for a shower.  I threw on some deodorant, brushed my hair, and pulled it back in a ponytail.  Then I got dressed. 

I had Ron call the cab company when Chuck didn't answer.  Ron tried to call a couple of "his" cab drivers but no one could do it.  I told him to tell the cab company I would be giving a $20 tip to whoever picked us up. 

We had a ride very shortly.  She later told me she was dropping off right around the corner, when she got our trip.  I had to chase Torbie all over the house; if she was sick she wasn't acting much like it.  The cab was honking, I was chasing Torbie and praying.  I finally got her rounded up.  Now I had to stuff her in her carrier.  I had to upend the carrier with the door facing the ceiling, then drop her into the door and shut it. 

I did that, I got covered in cat hair but I got her in. 

I ran outside to the cab and we went to the hospital.  I paid her the $20 tip in addition to the fare ($5) and asked her to wait.  The waiting fee on a cab, once they push the button on the meter, is $24 an hour.  Worth it, in my book, to have a driver ready to take us home. 

She was happy to do that.  She was really happy about the $20 tip.  This is what my emergency fund is for. 

I went into the building, they took us to an Exam room.  They had me fill out a sheet, marking the symptoms.  Happily I didn't have many. 

The tech came in and I explained her problem, also explained she was eating treats and playing with us yesterday.  She left, the vet came in. 

The vet did a physical exam and said she wasn't blocked.  Her temperature was in the normal range.  Torbie was very good during the exam.  Then they did an ultrasound to have a look at her bladder.  Torbie cried a little when they put her on her back but she was good during the exam. 

She told me they wanted to give her fluids, and antibiotics (just in case), and get her to pee, then study the urine so they could determine if she had a serious problem.  I was fine with that but they would be keeping her for a while. 

The vet was not our regular vet, she was a fill-in, but very nice and competent.  I liked her. 

So, I left without Torbie, who they carried off to the back, wrapped in a towel.  Torbie was fine with that, she's a very easygoing cat.  Torbie, I think, would have done well in a house with some small children. 

But she's mine.  I left and got into the cab.  The meter had only run up a $9 waiting charge, not bad at all.  I gave her another $20 tip to go home because she did wait for me. 

Money's only good for paying people, that's how I see it, and if someone is busting their ass to help me then I'm going to pay them for it. 

My cat is my baby, anyone who makes taking care of her easier is good in my book. 

I came back home and told Ron the news.  Now we are waiting on them to get Torbie to pee, so they can study it.  Hopefully it will be nothing, or something minor. 

Worst case I might have to change what I'm feeding her. 

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