Thursday, June 8, 2017

A trip to the vet

So, today was the big day. 

I had a hard time falling asleep last night but did, eventually.  I woke up utterly exhausted and hit the snooze button a few times.  But I didn't want to miss the cats' appointment so I got up and took my shower. 

After my shower, I ate my protein bar, drank a diet soda, and took my meds.  I asked Ron to start feeding the cats treats. 

Torbie arrived first, so I plucked her off and stuffed her in the big carrier.  Pretty easy work.  Baby Girl and Biscuit ran away and hid in the catio, of all places. 

I got Baby Girl next and put her in the "duffle" style carrier, it is pink.  Appropriate, I felt, for a girl cat. 

Then I got Biscuit.  He was pretty meaty and wouldn't fit in the carrier I had planned for him.  I had to give him to Ron to hold while I got the other duffle bag style cat carrier.  I got him stuffed. 

They all began singing a song of protest at their confinement right about the same time Chuck showed up.  I got them stuck in the back of the pickup (it has an extended cab), and we went to the vet. 

Chuck waited outside while I got the cats into the exam room.  It was apparently an exam room for dogs, it had dog magazines and dog posters on the wall.  They continued to sing their song of protest, but calmed down after the vet tech used some Feliway. 

Two young men came into the room.  They took Biscuit out, petted him, weighed him, and got his vitals.  Biscuit is a whopping 16 pounds.  Biscuit! 

This is Biscuit on Rescue Day:
Now he is 16 pounds.  That's good, and it's bad.  Ron needs to cut WAY back on his treats. 
Then the men did the same with Baby Girl.  She was good for them, too. 
They left. 
The vet came in and examined Biscuit, agreed he needed to cut back on the treats, petted him, and gave him his shots.  Biscuit went back in his carrier. 
Then it was Baby Girl's turn.  She did very well.  The vet was not at all concerned about the mats and said to trim out the bad ones, and to brush the ones that aren't as bad.  So I will brush her every day, and encourage Ron to do so, too. 
Lastly, it was Torbie's turn.  She was there for blood tests, but they weighed her too.  She is the same weight she was last week, a good thing.  They took her away for about 15 minutes.  When they came back the young man seemed very tired. 
I asked if she was good.  He said she was, at first.  Implied, not so good when it came to getting her blood.  All my cats get a little cranky when you want their blood.  Biscuit scratched the vet the day she did his FLV test.  He put her back in the box and we waited for the results, probably another 20 minutes. 
The vet came in smiling.  Good.  No kidney or liver trouble at all.  She explained the platelets were low but that could have been due to the collection process, apparently Torbie didn't bleed for them very easily.  Torbie is a totally healthy, normal, 10 year old cat.  Good!  I was very happy. 
Then we got everyone picked up and carried out to the lobby.  I paid for everything, it was about half a paycheck (I get paid 2x a month).  Money well spent.  I also paid Chuck, with money Ron gave me. 
Chuck talked to the vet for a little while, he is getting ready to adopt a dog next month (a dog he knows, from a friend).  He is very excited about it. 
He finished up and we left.  The cats weren't too loud on the way home, except for Biscuit.  He had a lot to say.  It's funny, they are not big "talkers" at home, unless it is feeding time or they are in a carrier.  I find that interesting. 
I came home and helped Ron with the monthly accounting report, we finished it and filed it online.  We will need to mail the check tomorrow.  I took a short nap and woke up with Torbie in my bed.  Hard to get up, with her there. 
I told Ron he needs to change his clothes and he did that.  He wanted to know why "You made a mess during your blackout". 
We are going out for pupusas.  Then we are going to bed early so we can get our delivery tomorrow morning.  It's going to be early.  

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