Thursday, June 15, 2017

Scrubbing my husband

I think fireants are getting in my bedroom.  I'm pretty sure one bit me this morning after my alarm went off; kind of an alarm adjunct.  "Get up, Heather!"  I'm up, I'm up. 

I took my shower, happy I didn't have to shave my legs, and got dressed.  We went to work. 

I found a very large, very rude, note on Snack one blabbering about how it had "taken his dollar" and "(I'd) better fix it".  Why didn't he just call the number we have posted? 

The final insult, for me, was when I tested Snack one and found out it was working perfectly.  I finally figured out Snack three had taken his money.  Why would you put a note on a machine that didn't rip you off? 

Needless to say, sales in Snack 1 were not good.  I got all my stuff out and stocked.  Snack 2 did far better than usual, it didn't have a note, and it was accepting dollars. 

When a vending machine "takes" your dollar (as in, it accepts the bill but doesn't register it), it shuts down the bill acceptor.  The bill acceptor won't take any more dollars until I get in there and fish out the "bad" bill.  Once I've done that, it will work beautifully again.  The food machine is bad about doing that sometimes.  Generally not snacks. 

At any rate, I filled them all up.  They looked really good when I left. 

At one point, while Ron was stocking the bottled vendor, a woman extended a dollar at him and asked for a bottle of water (that's our going rate).  Ron just sat there, blind, in his wheelchair. 

I told her "He's blind" and she gave me the money instead.  Between us, if you want to give Ron money you have to put it in his hand. 

Ron didn't need to do much, either, and when we counted this week's money the take was about half what it was last week, so we really could afford to take 2 days off. 

We came home and I ate a snack, took my pills, and then took a nap.  Torbie joined me.  I had to keep turning up the thermostat, Ron had it really cold in here.  I like it more around 80 degrees, but most people in Houston like it at 65 to 70. 

I think Ron turns the thermostat down when he is drinking, because the alcohol makes him feel hot. 

I woke up a little before 4.  Ron was getting vodka and I wanted to make sure the cats didn't get out.  I did that, Ron came in the house lugging a 2 liter bottle of vodka, which he set up on the counter and began drinking. 

He then told me he had severe leg pain during my nap and had made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow.  Nice of him to consult, but he did "let" me sleep. 

I told him he should track how much he is drinking so he can answer the doctor when he asks the question.  Ron said he wasn't interested in that, probably because he would be horrified at the final daily total.  And his doctor would be horrified, too. 

He's actually "our" doctor, he is my primary doc even though I have never seen him yet.  Well, I've seen him, but not under my insurance.  I am skeptical. 

I forgot to mention, yesterday the intern asked if I was in therapy.  I told her no.  God knows I could probably use it. 

Anyway, I told Ron he needs to take a bath tonight so he won't freak out the doctor tomorrow.  He is doing that right now. 

I have a load of clothes in the dryer, including new shirts for him.  I got some nice pocket t-shirts for him about a week ago and put them in the to-be-washed pile.  I finally got to that last night. 

Ron's in the bath right now, he looks sparkling clean so we shouldn't have any issues at the doctor tomorrow.  I had to help scrub him, which I don't mind, and he was very appreciative. 

So, tomorrow is yet another day off when I'm not really off.  Yes, I will whine. 

I hope I sleep well tonight. 

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