Saturday, June 17, 2017

Two days in one, again

Friday: I took Ron to the doctor.  Our ride was late and we were very nearly late as well. 

Ron handed over his Medicare card and ID, which they photocopied.  Then they gave the cards back, and back into the wallet.  We waited for a while and they did Ron's vitals.  His blood pressure was 138 over something reasonable.  His weight is still right around 150. 

Then they sent us back to the waiting room.  We waited almost an hour, then they took us back to an exam room.  We waited there almost an hour before we saw Doc. 

Ron explained he is having extreme pain in his left wrist, and his left leg.  Ron also divulged he is an alcoholic.  I was proud of him for admitting it but sad he had to do it.  I feel he will get much more accurate, and better, medical care as a result.  Doc sent Ron for X-rays of his wrist and leg, and wrote a prescription for pain medicine. 

We had to wait about another hour on our ride to Walmart.  I had been battling a migraine all morning but I took a Phenergan and that took most of the edge off.  I also, when I got home, put the aspirin into my fannypack so I have it when I need it. 

We finally got to Walmart.  I turned in the prescription, they said it would be a $4 one.  This is one reason we really like Doc.  He understands not everyone has a bottomless wallet.  He also takes however much time he needs to deal with the issue, whatever it is.  He's a good doc. 

I picked up a few things and made Ron hold them in his lap, then we went back to the pharmacy and paid for our prescriptions (mine, and his).  My 4 were all one-month prescriptions.  It's a little annoying but a lot cheaper in the short run.  Ron paid for my pills, which I appreciate as I had to deposit over $400 into my account for my health insurance. 

And I don't even use it. 

We came home around 5.  I was totally exhausted.  I ate something and went straight to bed. 

I woke up this morning, still tired.  I reset my alarm so I got some more sleep time.  I finally got up and did my usual morning routine, except for my God Time. 

We went to the warehouse.  I bought the supplies we needed (not much, in the snack department), and got everything into the building. 

We stocked and I put the water in the fridge, and in the stockroom.  I helped Ron with his drinks, and finished all my work. 

I actually had a little extra time at the end of it all.  That was nice to sit down and have a cold drink. 

We came home.  I took a nap, Torbie joined me.  She is doing really well, fiending for treats, being a sweet girl, and, last night, fighting with Baby Girl. 

My alarm went off and I reset it.  I was really tired.  I also had a headache so I took some aspirin.   I got up and got dressed; Ron and I were going to the BBQ place. 

In fact, I discovered the paratransit vehicle already in our driveway.  Ron finally decided to try taking the new pain medication.  As it turns out, it didn't work for him. 

When the medication has worn off, Ron has decided to get "blind" drunk and take Tylenol instead.  Not what I would do, but then again, it's not my leg, either. 

Ron just doesn't respond to some pain medications, like Morphine or Dilaudid.  They just don't touch it at all.  Whereas something like Tylenol or Oxycodone (he was given that for his back, at the rehab hospital), do, with minimal side effects. 

He's going to try some leftover Tylenol #3 (from his root canal) and see if that helps, if it does he can ask for some on Monday.  Doc seems pretty accommodating and seems to understand that Ron will not drink if he is taking hard core painkillers, he understands he could have a breathing arrest or worse. 

So, we went to the BBQ place.  It was fine except for the guy behind me in line.  He kept crowding up behind me (the BBQ is served cafeteria-style) in line.  At one point, Ron asked me a question, at the same time the guy behind me asked me a question.  I said "No" to Ron. 

The guy behind me got all upset.  I told him "I was talking to my husband".  Then he asked me, as he crowded up behind me again, if he could go around us. 

"Go ahead" I told him with sarcasm "You seem to be in a big hurry.". 

"No, I'm not" he replied. 

I scoffed, and he got back in line behind me, this time keeping a polite distance from my butt!   I heard him mutter "Asshole" under his breath, which I find kind of funny. 

Wouldn't I be a "Bitch?" 

We paid and one of the employees took the tray of food to the table.  We had a good time eating. 

We had a good ride home and I got some laundry together to wash tomorrow.  I need to take the old sheet off the couch (it is black, and covered in white cat hair), get rid of it, and put the new sheet (a plaid with white, gray, and blue) on the couch instead. 

I have found it better to have sheets and towels on furniture because I always seem to have at least one pukey cat at any given moment.  Right now, that's Biscuit.  Bubba was a big puker too, but it never slowed him down. 

Now, if Torbie gets sick I know I have a problem.  Baby Girl will vomit the rare hairball now and then. 

I hope I didn't ruin your dinner.  At any rate, I have tomorrow off, not going anywhere, if I have a little energy I can work on cleaning up the house. 

I plan to fill up the garbage can with unwanted stuff at least one time a week.  That's about 2-3 standard sized "black" trashbags (33 gallon) a week, in addition to the household stuff (about 30 gallons, tops). 

I also need to clean Torbie's litter box in here.  She loves the box but I need to dump it, scrub it out, and fill it up with clean litter. 

Hopefully I will also work in some actual relaxing on my day off, as well. 

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