Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Reach back (or, another blackout)

Ron had a blackout last night.  He almost set a hamburger on fire in the microwave, and later threw it on the floor. 

He woke me up repeatedly. 

He was completely drunk when I woke up.  I had no idea how I was going to get him ready.  I ate my protein bar, took my antidepressant, and took my shower.  I got dressed.  He was still slumped over in his wheelchair,

His clothes were dirty, his hair unbrushed.  I managed to wake him up.  He agreed to put his shoes on.  That took about 10 minutes.  Then I put his phone in his fannypack and put the fannypack around his neck. 

I barely got him out to the ride before they left us.  Ron was too drunk to stand up and sit in the cab, so he stayed in the wheelchair and rode to the warehouse that way.  I rolled him into the store, took $20 out of his fannypack, and asked him how many waters he wanted.  Three, he said. 

I went and got 3 waters, paid, and left with Ron.  The next ride was a big van.  Ron kept dragging his feet when the driver pushed the wheelchair, she didn't know what to do.

I guess I know, next time I take Ron out, very drunk, make sure I put the footrests on the wheelchair.  Sigh. 

The driver kept grilling me on details of our business, obviously trying to see if it was something she could do.  Then she wanted to know if children's junk food was "a good deal".  I told her I didn't know, I didn't buy that stuff.  "You know, snacks for the kids, juice, chips, cookies, stuff like that".  Sorry, I really don't know. 

I wanted to tell her she shouldn't be feeding juice and chips to small children anyway, it's just junk calories and a lot of food additives they don't need, but I didn't.  She was really aggressive interrogating me. 

Then she wanted to know all about work.  What am I, Wikipedia?  My cat is sick, my husband's a drunk, I'm crazy, and I didn't get any sleep again.  I was really not in the mood for 1000 questions.   I was mildly rude but not overly so, just a little brusque. 

I got Ron into the building.  He keeps his work wheelchair chained up to no one will take it.  It took him about 15 minutes to figure out how to unlock it.  He finally put the fannypack around his waist. 

Then he did a little bit of sodas.  Hopefully he stocked them into the right slots. 

I did snacks, checked the coffee machine (it doesn't leak when it's turned off), etc.  Ron went to the bathroom and was gone for at least half an hour.  I was wondering if I should send out a search party, or just leave him and go home.  While I waited, I decided to stock the bottled vendor.  It needed 5 cases of product. 

I did that.  Ron came back, carrying a cold case of water.  I told him I stocked it already and he blew up, yelling at me that I needed to become a "better communicator".  How, I asked him, could I communicate with him when he was in the bathroom? 

He was really hostile so I just went away.  I texted my aunt and let her know what was going on.  I think it's important for her to have an idea in case I need to call her up and "escape" one night.  She'll know what led up to that. 

Finally time to go.  But Ron's in the bathroom again.  I practically had to haul him out of there.  He was talking to someone.  God knows what he said.  But the other guy pushed Ron out of the bathroom so I could take him outside. 

We came home.  Ron had been talking about drinking some more but instead went in the bedroom (away from the liquor) and fed the cats treats.  Torbie had given me sad eyes and meowing this morning because Ron was too drunk to give her the morning treats.  I took care of her. 

I took a nap for about an hour.  I got up and did my God Time.  Boy, did I need to do my God Time. 

I need to feel like I am reaching out to God in times like this.  I know He is always reaching out to me, I want to reach back. 

Ron woke up and we went to the burger place, but they were shut down because they had register issues.  I took him to Subway instead and ordered a meatball for him the way I used to.  He got a 6-inch sub.  Then we went to Starbucks because they have a more accessible bathroom.  Their bathrooms, by the way, are now all gender-neutral.  Interesting. 

I ordered a hot chocolate and went to the pet store.  I found the kidney formulas and selected a few cans.  I was going to bring them home and try them out on the cats.  I want to find out what they like before I buy a case, or make a big investment.  I also wanted to get some idea of prices. 

When I got to the register, they wouldn't let me buy them without a "prescription card".  I had never heard of such a thing.  If I want to buy kidney formula for cats, they should let me, they're a store, their job is to sell things.  Nope. 

So I went back to Ron.  He had murdered the meatball sandwich and wanted another one, so we went back to Subway and got him one to-go. 

After that, we had to wait about 45 minutes for our ride home.  It was late. 

When it arrived, we had a delusional client on board babbling and jerking in his seat.  He really needed a Haldol shot.  He was also slow, so whoever is taking care of him is doing a terrible job.  He needs to be medicated before he becomes a danger to others.  He was not living in the land of reason. 

Happily, we were a straight trip.  I put away the garbage, checked the mail, and ordered Ron to pick the hamburger off the floor.  He did. 

He listened to a voicemail he sent himself this morning, and remarked he sounded very drunk.  I told him yes, he was. 

I fed the cats.  Biscuit almost threw up again but settled for dry heaves.  When a cat is retching and heaving, I pet them gently and tell them to "Barf for Mommy".  It's what I would want if I were a sick cat.   I used to do that a lot with Bubba, he was pretty pukey.  Interestingly enough, Bubba wasn't pukey at all right before he died. 

Biscuit is more a bulimic.  He eats too much and then throws up.  My vet told me it is normal so I don't worry about it.  I just get the wet wipes. 

He is kind enough to usually vomit on the tile floor, which makes cleanup easy. 

Now I have to go to bed.  I have to get up at 6 AM so I can get ready, and get the cats ready, before Chuck arrives at 8:30. 

They all need to be loaded in their carriers by then so it should be interesting.  I plan to have Ron treat them all, then pluck them off one by one and stuff them in their boxes.  They love the treats so much they won't run. 

That's the plan, at least. 

I'll keep you posted. 


Anonymous said...

I have heard that the temptations treats have been linked to kidney failure in cats.

Anonymous said...


Heather Knits said...

The vet feeds temptations to her own cats, so I'm not too worried. Probably not in the quantities Ron does, though.

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