Friday, June 2, 2017

Treat Monster

I did a lot of cleaning today, unusual for me.  I had a lot of nerves, plus the caffeine from the headache pills. 

I finally mopped up the last of that whey protein mess. Thank God that is all done with. 

I didn't take a nap today because I didn't want to have to wake up, find my glasses, and turn on my cell phone when they called.  I am still pretty wired, I think the sleep deprivation + the caffeine made me a little manic. 

That's not always a bad thing, as long as I am taking my medication. 

So, the vet finally called at 4:30.  They said I could come and get her, she had peed and they had their specimen for the lab. 

These are old photos, but some of my favorites. 

I called Chuck, and he said he'd be right over.  However, he lives a ways away.  He got there at 5:20.  They closed at 6, still plenty of time. 

I went in and told them I was there for Torbie.  They went and got her from the back.  The carrier smelled like urine so I washed it out when I got home.  I used some cleanser, then a hot water rinse.  Then straight vinegar, applied to the floor of the carrier.  I will let it air dry and it should be fine. 

I paid up, it wasn't bad at all.  They said they didn't know anything more than this morning; they would let me know when the urine test results came in.  I was fine with that. 

They had given her an antibiotic so she is covered if she does have an infection.   So that's one load off my mind. 

I don't know if I've shared this, but I have had a horrible history of bladder infections.  One time it went up into my kidneys and put me into the hospital for a week.  I did not want my cat to suffer the way I have. 

Which is why all this happened today.  I could have just turned a blind eye, but at the end of the day I have to live with myself.  Awww.  She just came and sat on my foot, she's a good girl.  She knows I tried to help her. 

Ron was still pretty groggy from last night's blackout when I brought her in, but he woke up eventually and gave her treats.  She was so excited about the treats she was sticking her head into the bag.  Good to see she still has her usual interests. 

She is still trying to use the box pretty frequently but I'm not as worried, because she has her antibiotic onboard. 

Ron and I ordered some takeout for dinner and he paid me back for what I spent at the vet.  It was a lot cheaper than the emergency hospital, that's for sure.  The cheapest I have ever spent there is $400 to put Bubba down. 

Today, though, had a happier ending. 

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Anonymous said...

Too cute glad all is well

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