Monday, June 19, 2017

Is he trying to kill himself?

Ron had a bad night and woke me up this morning, telling me he would not be able to work.  Leg pain?  Drunk?  Or both?  I don't know.  I reset my alarm from 4 AM to 5 and went back to sleep.  I assume Ron cancelled the rides to and from work. 

I got up at 5 and took my shower.  I ate some breakfast and took my medication, put on my badge and keys (I wear them on a lanyard around my neck), got my shoes on, etc. 

I called Yellow cab around 6:40 and they said they had two drivers in the area.  A couple minutes later, a man with an African accent called me to let me know he was about 20 minutes away.  Good. 

He showed up right around 7 and I left. 

Ron woke up at a later point and called Lou the cab driver, and was apparently pretty ugly asking/demanding he pick me up.  He didn't realize I had already left.  Ron was asleep when I left, I didn't see the point in waking him. 

I later told Lou that "Vodka helps with the leg pain, he says, but it doesn't do a thing for his manners". 

What else could I say?  Sorry he was an asshole? 

So, I got to work.  I had him let me out in visitor parking.  They were doing a training today so a lot of newbies wandering around. 

I went over to our area and started pulling carts out of the stockroom.  I saw Mike, but none of the other vendor's people.  Mike and I are very friendly.  He has a couple cats.  I told him Ron was laid up with his leg and left it at that.  I know whatever I tell Mike goes to the other vendor. 

I got stocking on my machines.  We had only been gone one day, Father's Day at that, and a lot of people took the day off or brought their own lunch.  I stocked what needed work. 

Sandwiches called and I got them.  Then I stocked them.  I had to pay the guy in $1 bills but he was OK with that.  He's a nice guy. 

Someone walked by, lamenting the lack of honeybuns.  I stocked those. 

Then I did sodas.  They didn't need much work because yesterday was slow.  I only stocked a couple of cases, RC Cola is always popular, as well as DR Pepper. 

I just turned on "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Ozbourne.  Spellchecker doesn't like Ozzy.  I feel like I'm on an out of control crazy train headed for a cliff. 

Then I did the bottled vendor.  I never use algebra in my daily life, and boy I had trouble with algebra.  Here's a little puzzle I had today:

If I have 10 empty slots, at 8 bottles each, how many bottles of water can I stock? 


If the case has 28 bottles, how many cases can I stock? 

3.  (I had some extra space)

So I did that.  Everything was working great when I left.  I ate an egg salad sandwich sometime in there, and Mike and I chatted for a little bit.  I asked Henry about his sick cat, she is a lot better.  I was really happy to hear that.  All this after I finished my work. 

I went to the bathroom and called Lou, who was "up in Humble".

Ron had been texting me, periodically.  I found the "Syrup tastes like yuk" Syrup?  What the hell was he doing? 

I called him.  "Oh, I found some cough syrup?"  I told him to go easy on it, not to take any alcohol or Tylenol with it because "It already has it".  He said OK. 

I mean, how do you deal with this, a man who seems bent on "accidentally" killing himself?   This on top of my own baggage.  It's an incredible load. 

The next message Ron sent was gibberish so I called him, he was just very groggy.  He had, in a previous text, asked me to buy him some fries, so I had Lou go through a drive through.  I got us each an order of chicken nuggets and an order of fries for Ron.  I should have asked Lou if he wanted something. 

I got home OK and exited the cab with my stuff.  I had brought home a piece of cardboard from work. 

Probably TMI, if this will upset you just scroll to the next paragraph.  Anyway, I have a litter box in pretty much every room of the house.  I try to put cardboard underneath them to catch the litter.  Torbie had a little accident on the cardboard under "her" box so I had to get rid of it, but I needed a replacement cardboard.  I got one at work today and brought that home to put under her litter box.  One thing I have is access to cardboard. 

I went in the house.  Ron was alive, but very groggy.  I tried to feed him the fries while they were hot, but he wasn't interested.  I put his food in the fridge. 

I decided to eat my food and take my pills.  I did that.  Then I took a nap.  What else could I do? 

I woke up with a mild to moderate headache.  The aspirin did a good job on it.  Ron finally woke up, I asked him if he wanted to see his doctor tomorrow.  "No".  He asked me if I wanted any trips.  I told him I need to go to Walmart and get some ant baits because they are pretty bad in the house.  He said he would send me in a cab. 

What happened to "I can get in my wheelchair"?  I don't want to spend $30 round trip on a cab to Walmart.  Maybe I can call Chuck. 

I told him about the food, he decided he would eat one chicken nugget.  I took the sauces (they all have metal backing on them and would probably blow up the microwave) off the plate so Ron can just nuke it when he does get hungry.  I gave Ron his chicken nugget. 

Ron lost his phone.  I called it and helped him find it.  I checked my voicemail.  Something about a 25K contest I was winning.  I deleted it. 

Is "7" the delete button for all voicemails? 

I feel like I'm being run through a wringer, but my mood is OK considering.  I am listening to Dubstep remixes now on Youtube and finding them interesting.  They would be good for working out on a treadmill. 

Or, my personal favorite, the stairclimber. 

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