Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Better but not great

Last night was horrible, Ron kept groaning, it was pretty awful. 

When I went to bed last night, I didn't set an alarm, I resolved to get up when I got up and get my full sleep.  A little hard to do that with the groaning. 

This morning, Ron was doing better and more alert.  I talked him into taking a Neurontin.  I saw a pretty dramatic improvement in him after that but he just said it was a little better. 

I also found an empty can of spaghettios with meatballs on the kitchen counter, so he was eating again.  Good.  I figured if I put it out he would eat it. 

I called a cab (Ron gave me more money) and I went to work.  I had another nice Nigerian guy.  If you took all the Nigerian guys out of the fleet, you wouldn't have a fleet.  I like them, they are hard workers, good customer service, good drivers, etc. 

I went into work.  I took the carts out and did my snacks.  That took a while.  Then I did Ron's inventory because he kept bugging me for it.  I texted it to him.  At home, he calculated what we needed.  He called me back, upset, because we didn't need 30 cases. 

I reminded him, as far as I knew, our contract said we had to order 30 cases a month.  It didn't say anything about a minimum case order.  Why didn't he call our sales rep and find the minimum? 

He did that, and texted me we only needed a 10 case minimum.  He called in the order. 

I started working on stocking the canned sodas.  I stocked about 10 cases.  Not much, but better than nothing.  That's $108 in profit. 

Done with canned sodas, I had to do my most hated job: mashing up the cardboard boxes for the recycling.  Ron normally does this.  Boy, I missed him while I ripped and squashed each individual box.  Plastic wrappers (from the Coke products) went into the plastic recycling bin. 

Finally mostly done, I stashed the rest on a cart to mash up Friday.  I will have plenty of time. 

Last but not least, the bottled vendor needed 4 cases of drinks.  I got warm drinks and put them on the cart, then took them to the fridge.  I took the cold drinks out of the fridge and put them on the cart, then replaced them with the warm drinks.  Then I took the cold drinks right back to the bottled vendor and stocked them. 

I hate doing the Coke products, because they have rings on the drinks.  It is hard to pull the drinks apart.  The other products don't do that, but one time, when I dropped a case of tea, the plastic ripped and I had 24 teas all over the ground.  That was a mess. 

I got it all stocked.  Finally done.  Ron normally does the drinks. 

He kept calling me and texting me while I worked, but he sounded good.  You know how someone sounds so weak when they are in a lot of pain?  I didn't hear that.  He was also very alert. 

I found that encouraging.  I knew he had to snap out of it sometime. 

He asked me where he money went in his wallet, I told him he gave it to me for cab fare.  Speaking of, I needed a ride home. 

He called Roy, who was 20 minutes away.  Then he called Lou, who was 10 minutes away.  He cancelled with Roy (I wouldn't have done that) and had Lou get me instead. 

I got home pretty quickly.  I took a nap, but Ron's alarm woke me up.  I wasn't too happy about that, I told him next time he wants to set an alarm, set one on his cell phone.  He agreed. 

I got up and brought in the garbage can.  Then I checked the mail.  We used 2000 gallons on the water bill, same as every month.  It's funny when you think how much water that is all in one place, but then when you think about showers, laundry, toilets flushing, it adds up.  I have been told 2K is on the low side for an American family of 2. 

That reminds me, I probably need to fill up the cats' water bowl.  They have been drinking a lot of water in this heat. 

I have tomorrow off but I have to go to bed early so I can get up early Friday morning for my Dr Pepper delivery.  I hope Ron is well enough to assist me.  We can't afford all these cabs. 

I don't think the bus runs, either, when I'd need it on Friday. 

Edit: apparently Ron didn't take the Neurontin today.  He is in the kitchen slamming back shots in the kitchen right now. 

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