Friday, June 9, 2017

Stacking paper

Well, the headache is gone, and I have a fat little Biscuit frolicking by my feet. 

Well he's gone now, and so is Torbie.  She was hanging out with me too.  Treat Man came along and lured them away. 

We went out for pupusas yesterday after I took a nap.  I drank a couple diet Dr Peppers.  They kept me up a little bit when I went to bed.  I didn't sleep as well as I would have liked. 

Happily, my cycle is about over, I'm always glad to see the end of that.  I need to wash my sheets (not because they are soiled, just I haven't washed them in a while). 

I think I will wash the "good" sheets, then put them on the bed until about my next cycle is due, then put the old sheet on the bed.  I have had to figure all this on my own. 

At any rate, I got up, groggy, for work this morning.  I had to get up at 2, but I got up at 3 instead.  I took my shower and got dressed. 

Ron was sober, and awake.  It's funny that sober is a synonym for "somber" but he was just his normal self, giving the cats too many treats.  I worry he will take the cats' hard-earned weight loss as a challenge to make them gain it back, by overfeeding them treats. 

First world problems. 

I ate my protein bar and took my medication.  Our ride came and we had a straight trip to work. 

Work was pretty uneventful.  They sent our soda on 2 separate trucks, one for the other vendor, and one for us.  She (the other vendor's wife) theorizes that they send her order on the big truck because she orders an entire pallet.  Could be. 

We don't, we had a smaller order and we were actually short a couple of cases.  Ron had me write a check, I did. 

I mailed our percentage check to the state program, so they are all set, too.  Every month we are required to file a report, and mail them a check. 

One guy came by and looked at my roll of stamps, making some comment about them.  Then, later on, I heard him say to another person "You know I'm greedy, I'm a greedy man".  I'll say, coveting our stamps, of all things? 

It made me very cautious when I had to do the "pull", take the money out of the vending machines.  They are stacks of $1 bills, with the very rare $5.  It looks like a lot, but it really isn't.  First, it's $1 bills.  If I give you your pay in $1 bills it's going to look very impressive. 

One day we teased the dentist when Ron had his root canal.  Just as a joke, we brought $100 packs of $1 bills and stacked them up on the counter.  It looked like a lot of money, and it was.  Their eyes bugged out and they started stammering.  Eventually we told them we were kidding and took them pack, paying in $20's. 

Anyway, a stack of $1's looks like a lot of money.  In fact, on some TV shows they will show someone running $1 bills on the bill counter to denote "wealth".  It's not, it's $100, but it's cheaper for the budget of the TV show. 

People don't realize half our money goes to inventory, and another big chunk goes to taxes.  So we don't get to keep much of what we make. 

They just see us "stacking paper".  Once, and only once, I actually counted the money out where the customers could see me.  I got a lot of very rude comments about how "rich" we were; this from people who make 4x my take-home. 

So, after I got the money, I went and hid in the stockroom to count it.  It was better than last week, a little less than average.  I put it in Ron's bag. 

After work, we went to the bank.  We had the same teller who shorted us the other time.  Happily, this time she got the transaction right. 

We took a cab home.  We ran through a drive-through on the way. 

I was pretty exhausted when we got home.  I ate my burger and value fries, and took my medication.  Then I went to bed. 

I didn't wake up until 4:30.  I barely have time to take care of things before I have to go back to bed. 

We work tomorrow, but it shouldn't be too bad. 

I'm tired. 

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