Sunday, May 7, 2017

Writing blogs in my head

So, my parents came to visit. 

Last night I had a crippling migraine.  I was able to go out to eat with Ron, but I took a Phenergan and crawled into bed the minute I got home. 

I have lived here for about 13 years, and I have always thanked God that #6 never had "playtime" while I had a migraine.  Well, my "luck" ran out. 

I lay there in bed, trying desperately not to vomit (I hate paying for food and then sicking it up again), just desperately wishing for it to be over.  I didn't get any of my planned cleaning done. 

Today, I woke up with a moderate headache, not too bad but I didn't dare take my antidepressant.  Great.  No meds, parents in town.  Oh, boy. 

I did what cleaning I could, cleaned the cobwebs (I told you I was a bad housekeeper) out of the corners of a couple rooms, sprayed some carpet cleaner where Biscuit had puked, and scrubbed the toilet.  I took a shower afterwards (why take a shower and then get all sweaty cleaning?) and drank another Diet Mountain Dew.  That, I figured, combined with the aspirin I had taken when I woke up gave me the best chance at beating the headache. 

I got Ron up and made sure he looked presentable.  Pretty soon I got a text, "Here". 

I looked out the front window to find a rental car in my driveway, and a police car across the street.  What? 

It turns out he was there for #2, if I had to guess it looked like a property crime.  He had a tub of his yardsale merchandise at his feet as he spoke to the officer.  I'm not worried. 

I got Mom and Dad in the house, Biscuit fled in terror.  Biscuit is terrified of strangers.  Personally, I think that's a great policy.  Baby Girl was leery but hung around to get some treats.  Torbie was always up for treats and ate some, then posed for a photo.  That made Mom happy. 

We got Ron in his wheelchair and went to church.  I put the wheelchair in the trunk (Dad made a point of telling me he got a rental with a lot of trunk space for the chair) and off we went. 

I was glad Dad didn't try to help, he is over 70 and I don't want him to hurt himself.  Putting the wheelchair away, as I see it, is "my" job anyway.  Remember I married Ron in a wheelchair.  I actually pushed him over the threshold on our honeymoon. 

We made good time and did the meet and greet.  Everyone knows us, but I don't know everyone.  They were all very friendly and welcoming, though.  They are good people.  I just wish they were in the service area so I could get there easily, or, better yet, on a bus line. 

But the aren't, so I catch a ride there when I can.  Ron is talking about taking a paratransit to the edge of the service area, then catching a cab to the church from there.  That might work, but it will be complicated. 

If he is willing, I am, too.  I am certainly never going to get between Ron and his God. 

We went into the sanctuary.  Someone had taken the 3 chairs in the "disabled' seating area (it has enough room on the end, for a wheelchair and plenty of room for people to get around it).  I had to park Ron on the end of a regular aisle, and people had a little trouble getting around.  I felt a little bad about it but, hey, the other dudes took the "proper" wheelchair seating.   Ron was very self conscious, especially when an obese woman with a couple of shopping bags had a hard time getting around. 

She knew it wasn't his fault. 

The service started.  I only cried a little during the singing.  I don't know WHY I do that.  It is endlessly embarrassing.  I tried to be discreet.  I was seated at the end of the aisle, in the back, my Dad at my left and Ron at my right.  Mom was to Dad's left. 

It was a good sermon about Revelation 18, Babylon, and materialism.  No one (apparently) got saved during the altar call but a lot of people asked for special prayer by holding their hands up while we were all "in an attitude of prayer" (head down, eyes closed).  Then more meet and greet, and off we went to lunch. 

The BBQ place was packed.  Good.  We want it to be busy.  Busy=profit=still in business. 

Dad got a brisket sandwich, no sauce, and put mayo on the bun.  To Dad, mayo is the only condiment.  He's always had good skin, too, so there might be something to it. 

Mom got the chicken plate with fruit salad and potato salad.  I think she liked the fruit better than the potatoes.  Ron got a rib plate with double beans.  I got pancakes with a side of bacon. 

It was really busy, but we found a 4-top.  I yanked a seat out of the way for Ron and parked him at the table. 

We had a good conversation as we ate and we left about an hour later.  We came home, they checked out the catio again (all the cats fled, to Mom's disappointment), and I let them out the front door. 

My headache had persisted, so I laid down for a while.  #6 had a bouncy house, they set it up at 9 this morning.  However, the kids weren't playing.  I think they left for a while, or went inside, because it got a little warm this afternoon. 

I managed to sleep for a couple of hours and woke up tired, but no headache.  I took a b-vitamin because I felt like I needed it.  It can't hurt.  Worst case it will keep me up a little tonight when I'm trying to sleep. 

I plan to go to bed early.  Tomorrow, Mom and Dad will meet us at work and take us to Galveston.  It should be a lot of fun. 

We will come back Tuesday morning, so you won't hear from me for a little bit. 

I'll be writing blogs in my head, though. 


Spankadoo said...

I wish I was going to Galveston! Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Have fun visting!

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