Friday, May 19, 2017

Buying cat food at Starbucks

I went to bed very early and actually woke up before the alarm.  I was exhausted, of course, but I woke up. 

I watched some TV, ate a protein bar, took my meds, took a shower, etc.  I fed the cats. 

Our ride came and we went to the Starbucks.  Ron had a hard time explaining it to the dispatcher when he called about our late ride "I need to get some cat food".  "At Starbucks?" 

The Starbucks is in a strip mall, along with the pet store.  I walk over and get the cat food. 

We went to the Kolache factory first and I got some cream cheese Kolaches.  I thought they would be Ok with my medication.  As it turns out, I was wrong, and got very queasy later. 

Then we went to Starbucks.  Ron got an iced latte with lots of splenda.  I left him near the bathroom while I went to the store. 

I harvested 3 bags of cat food, as planned.  I also got some all-meat cat treats.  I looked at the adorable rescue cats. 

I have to make a plea to you, if you have a pet.  Will you do me a favor and find another home for your pet before you die?   I don't care if you are an 18 year old athlete or a 90 year old dementia patient; you need to do this.  Just talk to your friends and find someone who loves cats.  Ask if they will take Fluffy if something happens to you.  I see so many cats up for adoption whose owner died.  Please do this.  Your pet deserves to have a smooth transition. 

I have done this; my aunt, who is also my executrix, has agreed to find loving homes for my cats - NOT the shelter, if something happens to us.  I don't think Ron could take care of the cats on his own if something happened to me. 

So, I don't have to worry about them shivering under a table at the shelter, with screaming children pulling their tails. 

I saw a cat whose owner died, it looked like a sweet cat but it was older.  People don't like older cats, for some reason.  Me, I love older cats.  They are a lot more affectionate and mellow.  Torbie is my girl and she is 10+ years old. 

I saw my "boyfriend", a guy I think has fetal alcohol syndrome, and he asked me about Ron.  I told him Ron was fine and I left. 

Well, I paid first.  [snort]  They were happy to take my money.  I got a partial discount because I am a "member" there.  They send me coupons for canned cat food, Blue brand (I feed Blue Wilderness Grain Free dry) sometimes so they are tracking my purchases. 

I had a large tote bag, I put everything into it and walked back to Ron.  Our ride home came early so we were happy to see him. 

I put everything away when we got home, and got out the treats.  Baby Girl approached me, first.  I gave her some of the new treats.  She gobbled them up.  I offered some to Biscuit as he lay on the back of the couch, I put them in my hand and he ate them slowly.  He seemed to enjoy them.  Then I offered some to Torbie, she liked the smell but didn't like the taste, she let Baby Girl eat them.  So, I have a 2 out of 3 cat treat. 

At least someone likes them.  I hate it when I buy something and no one eats it. 

I took a nap.  I had strange dreams about my Dad's old car.  I got up and did my God Time. 

I watched a little more TV.  Not much on, though.  I guess everyone figures I'm going out on Friday Night.  Not me. 

Baby Girl got very excited when I walked by, started meowing her "begging for treats" meow.  She could probably eat that $6 bag of cat treats in one day, if I let her. 

Ron has been OK "dry".  He ordered some books, and a catalog, from the state library.  I suggested he read "Strangers" by Dean Koontz and he agreed.  He hasn't wanted to read that book for 25 years, until today.  He will enjoy it, it's a good book. 

Tomorrow we do Truck Day and then severe weather rolls in.  We aren't going out to eat tomorrow night. 

I guess I'll have a bowl of cereal or something. 

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