Wednesday, May 17, 2017

No vodka for 10 days

Well, when Ron checked his bank account he found a $100 credit, so apparently they caught, and fixed, the problem.  Good. 

We needed the money. 

First, though, we had to get a 5:30 pickup for work this morning.  I did my shower, but not my God Time.  I was too tired.  Still am. 

Always, always, tired.  I think that's the thing I hate most about my medication. I get up from sleeping 12 hours and feel like I could sleep another 12.  At least the depression crawled off. 

We got to work and I did some stocking before our repairman arrived.  He showed up.  In my mind, he always wears a superhero cape.  He came in and disassembled the coin acceptance unit, found the dime, and reassembled it.  Then he filled it up, and filled the change bank as well.  He tested it with bills, and coins.  It worked.  Thank God.  I watched people use it after he left and it continued to work. 

We talked about the coffee machine.  We need to get some valves because the water at work is corrosive to the plastic, and degrades them.  Then they leak and my machine shuts down when the waste bucket fills up.  Apparently, we will need to buy a new set of valves every year or so, and they aren't cheap. 

We don't make any money on the coffee machine, let me tell you. 

We finished up and went to the dentist.  We arrived early.  Ron decided he didn't want to brush his teeth, so he didn't.  Poor dentist.  Poor dental assistant. 

I sat in my usual chair nearby as they gave Ron the bad news, another broken tooth.  They could pull it, or they could do a root canal.  It was a "chewing" tooth (molar) so I said I guess we will do the root canal. 

But their computer system was down and they couldn't give us a quote.  They had to use an employee's cell phone to call corporate and get a quote.  $355 for the root canal, not counting "build-up" or the crown.  I went ahead and paid it. 

Ron paid me back.  They went ahead and did it.  Generally, I try not to look when they are doing dental things but I was stuck in the same room because Ron likes having me there.  I generally only get uncomfortable when they are drilling.  They drilled out all his old fillings and got out some kind of wires.  They dipped the wires in some kind of stuff and then stuck them in his tooth.  It was interesting, in an "I'm glad this isn't happening to me" sort of way. 

They finished up and sent us off with a prescription for an antibiotic.  I took Ron to Walmart and we turned it in.  We looked around.  I decided to get some no-frizz shampoo and "serum".  I also got Ron some wet wipes for his hands (he likes them when we eat out) and a few other things. 

Then we sat and looked (I did) at the condom display.  I figured out, if you want to get laid at Walmart, the cheapest you can go is about $2.50 for 3 condoms.  Or you can buy a large package of 36 for about $15, so about 35 cents each.  Not bad. 

I decided, if you're going to be sexually active, and use condoms, you are a lot better off getting the big pack if you are "active".  If you are not "active", perhaps the 3 pack would be a better choice. 

I know a lot of married Christian women who use condoms.  There is some debate in Christian circles about birth control.  What is a proper method to prevent pregnancy?  There's always surgery.  That's what Ron did and it worked.  IUD's and the pill prevent the fertilized egg from implanting, so, some feel, you are basically "killing" the baby if you do that.  I don't have an opinion on the subject.  If Ron died, I would have sterilization surgery to make sure any man understood there would be no children.  So, we are left with barrier methods, condoms, and diaphraghms.  Oh, screw you, spell check.  It's close enough.  The last methods keep the egg and the sperm from meeting, so no fertilized egg.  It's easy to see why a lot of women prefer condoms in that case. 

Of course you have to get your husband on board.  Ron was not impressed with condoms when he was "playing". 

It was easier for him, he felt, to get sterilized. 

The prescription was ready.  We paid up.  It was $4 for a 10 day course, 3 pills a day. 

The doctor wanted to talk to us.  I pushed him over there and immediately asked if he could drink while taking it.  No, she said. 

Well, there's that.  Ron wasn't happy but he needs this to prevent blood poisoning.  He grumbled a lot as we left. 

We went to McDonald's.  He wanted chicken nuggets, and I wanted a chicken sandwich.  As it turns out, the sandwich wasn't the best idea: when I took my meds later I got pretty queasy.  We shared a diet soda and he commented how nice it was not to have the sensitivity anymore. 

I just hope he stops breaking his teeth.  He only has so many, he's got to run out sooner or later. 


Anonymous said...

I felt so sick reading how Ron treated you at the bank. I am so sorry.

Anonymous said...

If he sticks to the 10 days of no drinking it should be a very, very nice 10 days for you.

Sucks that he threatened to beat you in the bank and no one said anything.

I bet if you retorted back the same to him people would have been up in arms - because how dare you threaten and blind, cripple.

Heather Knits said...

Anonymous #2, you are absolutely right. That is my biggest fear, that Ron will hurt himself or attack me, requiring me to defend myself, during a blackout, and I will be blamed for "harming" him. He's harming himself. But some don't see it. Remember when Ron had the leg ulcers from overusing the back massager and that doctor thought I burned him, almost called adult protective services?

Double standard. They fail to see that I, also, am disabled. I just don't have an obvious "gimp".

I am really hoping 10 days of dry will help Ron, and our relationship. He is really a delightful person when he is not drinking.

Anonymous said...

Same life just no booze and I wish I could blame it on a bottle instead of his brain. Ron Was fking out of line. He is often he makes poor choices and then blames you . I found a webpage that helped me process what I was gong through, went to the YWCA, not one person has told me to leave him they support me. Period. The thing that is different? No one mistrusts or doubts what I tell them and I have access to what I want when I want it. No nagging. Do they have a YWCA in your area? You can contact them by email or phone and they do not "PUSH".
"Living with constant stress, fear, unresolved anger, domestic abuse and violence. Death by a thousand paper cuts. Ongoing Traumatic Relationship Syndrome (OTRS)" I know you do not post links but I have to give credit and it is from a site called the "Neurotypical Site" it is support for spouses of night functioning autism. I personally think you might benefit from that as well there does not seem to be any bias just info
Post this or not just know I read when I can you are so raw and real and very aware of what is going on ..and you do have empathy! He doesn't and cant ever that is the sad part is not even neurologically possible ....I am finally accepting this but i am so much older than you have done this so much longer you know with great sincerity send you my heart and honestly want the best for you and
Love you

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