Monday, May 15, 2017


Sometimes I sit in front of my computer, thinking "No one wants to hear about my day".  It is, I think, "boring".  Then I look at my stats.  Well, someone does.  I try to write as though I don't know how many people are reading, though. 

(Actual readership is down lately, but I try not to take it personally). 

I got up early, fed the cats, and took my shower.  I did my God Time later.  I got dressed, made sure Ron was presentable, and got ready for work. 

Ron has vitiligo (lack of pigmentation) on his head, and those areas burned pretty badly last week.  He even had blisters, unheard of for a black man of any complexion.  He's been wearing a hat to hide the damage. 

We left and got stuck with "the teacher".  She was wearing a musty-smelling perfume that reminded me of something dragged out of a grandmother's basement.  It wasn't pleasant.  When I moved up to her seat after she got to her destination, it got on me.  She must have sprayed it on right before she put on the seatbelt. 

She complained that her husband, who can drive, had gotten to her destination before her.  I asked the driver, later, "Why didn't he just give her a ride to work, then?"  He didn't have an answer.  She also had a long drama-filled phone call (at least she didn't put it on speakerphone).  Sigh.  I just hate riding with her. 

I just want a nice, quiet, ride, to - oh crap.  I left my badge and keys at home.  That was fun, telling Ron, but he was nice about it. 

It has been a couple years since I did that. 

We got into work and I got set up.  I emptied the yuck bucket on the coffee vending machine and pulled the carts out into the common area.  I chatted with "everyone" who wanted to know about my mother's day. 

I told them the truth, Baby Girl brought me a large roach this morning and let it loose in the bathtub.  During my shower.  I mashed it pretty good with a bottle of shampoo, and washed it down the drain.  People had a giggle at that and it diverted how I really spent my day. 

I got everything stocked and helped Ron with his work.  We finished up on time and left to come home. 

I took a long nap.  I try to sleep as much as I can when I'm depressed so I can avoid being awake and miserable. 

I got up and changed the air filter in the air conditioner.  I didn't want to overload or burn out the unit.  I got it done sitting on the floor.  The intake vent is just off the floor. 

That done, the air conditioner seems to be running less.  That's good, will save us money. 

I am fortunate: Ron doesn't feel the need to keep the house at 65 degrees in the summertime just to "prove" he can.  Keeping the house like a meat locker is not my idea of "comfortable".  I like it closer to 80.  So does he.  So we keep it there.  It also saves us a lot of money. 

Ron woke up.  He was in a good mood.  He will, however, need to have yet more dental work done. He says something is hurting whenever he drinks water on the left side of his mouth.  I just sigh and wish he would take care of his teeth. 

He says it is too late, they are all ruined, so what's the point. 

And he doesn't think he has problems with depression. 

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