Saturday, May 6, 2017

The money pit

I've been getting a lot of headaches lately.  And a nasty, bitter, taste in my mouth.  Ugh. 

Yesterday we got up and went to work.  I checked on the newly repaired coffee machine "Water Tank Leak, out of service".  [bad word] 

So, we paid another $100 to get that fixed.  I swear, a coffee vending machine is a money pit.   If you're in vending, don't buy one, no matter how good a deal, unless it is mandated in your contract. 

It is, mandated, in our contract. 

We stocked everything and paid for our case of coffee cups (another hundred dollars, so $250 spent in one week, on the coffee machine, and in a good month it only makes $400).  We stocked everything else, happily they all were working. 

We made our inventory list and went home.  I took a nap.  I forget what - we worked on the monthly report, filed it, and then today we mailed the check so we are All Done with that for another month. 

Then I went to bed early.  I was exhausted.  I had nightmares about the coffee machine malfunctioning.  In fact, if I were to have an interview for another job right now, I would probably mention the coffee vending machine as "the worst part of my job". 

Dude, I have nightmares about it.  Biscuit and Torbie joined me in bed so we had a good time.  Not a lot of room for me, but a good time. 

I sure love my cats.  They are so sweet. 

I slept in a little because I had a bad headache.  I took some aspirin, got up, and took my shower. 

We went to the warehouse.  Ron got fewer drinks because 1.  We didn't need them and 2.  He wanted to go easy on Jack, who hurt his arm. 

Instead, I got a lot of snacks.  I forgot the big hot chips, though (the LSS bag).  Ooops.  I will have to buy more quick or reprogram the row. 

Jack came, we got everything loaded.  This time I had a helper for him.  We went to work and got everything put on the carts.  I got them in the building. 

We stocked.  I checked on the (working!) coffee machine.  Good.  The swing and night shift will be happy.  Actually, the swing shift yells at me more when the coffee machine is broken. 

While working, one customer had a little trouble with the bottled vendor.  It is picky about what quarters it will accept, and it wasn't taking her last quarter. 

Unfortunately, "Sweetie" was there.  Sweetie is my old nemesis, not her real name (sarcastic).  Back when we had the deli, she was so awful to me Ron banned her from coming in for a while, and told her she was not welcome as a customer unless she treated me with respect. 

She liked to shout at me, a lot. 

Sure enough, she started shouting at me (it wasn't even her problem).  I told her, yes, the machine was taking money, it just didn't like the last quarter.  About the time she started yelling at me again, I exchanged the customer's quarter for another one I got out of the change bucket.  It worked.  Then she shut up. 

She's just a nasty, unpleasant, woman.  Sees herself as a perpetual victim.  I am so sorry to see she is working days now.  She just hates me, for whatever reason, and finds whatever reason she can to shout at me. 

There's another woman like that at work, but she generally avoids me. 

Anyway, I saw some nice people at work, too.  They are always a treat. 

We had a little more time than we needed, which is always a good thing.  I have lots of inventory for snacks, which is excellent.  I hate it when I don't have enough to go around. 

We came home.  I took a nap, in spite of #6 having "family playtime right outside Heather's bedroom" again. 

Oh, you'll love this.  Now, my pickup to go to the warehouse was 7 AM, so I got up about quarter to six.  At quarter to seven (6:45!) #6's yard guys show up and start making noise.  I bet the other neighbors must have hated them. 

Now, I didn't care.  1.  I went to bed at 7 PM last night, and 2.  I was already awake, I usually wake up early for work.  When I sleep in, it's 8-8:30. 

But how rude, especially on a weekend.  I felt sorry for the other neighbors.  #9, upon meeting me one day, asked where I lived.  I told her and described the house.  "I like you" she said "You're quiet.  Not like that trash."  We both knew who she was talking about. 

OK, that's it for now.  I'm going to check the mail (I haven't in a few days) and go out to dinner with Ron (hoping to, our taqueria).  We'll see how that goes. 

Have a good weekend. 

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Spankadoo said...

I bet you have reflux or GERD
I know you know what it is right? Check one of the reliable sights web md has a good symptom list, but you are a classic for reflux. Your meds, you work 3 jobs, under so much daily/nightly stress, mentionioned your diet ( fast food works but for reflux it is murder, ) the Dew and the aspirin ....the nasty taste in my mouth and constant urging were my clues....then when I treated it I realized how bad it was! just sayin.....I have to premedicate with an antacid prior to eating out these days .

The headaches ...I hope they fade with time you deserve a rest from those.

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