Thursday, May 18, 2017

Just another day at the office

I blog for a lot of reasons.  I write because I hope I can encourage others in difficult relationships.  I write because I want to encourage sufferers, family, and friends of those with Fetal Alcohol and/or Bipolar disorder.  I write to encourage people with depression.  I write to encourage people who love an alcoholic.  I write to encourage people who are living with verbal abuse.  Who have to worry about "getting cornered" when "Honey" is in a bad mood. 

I write for all of that.  I also write for myself.  I did not have a standard childhood and standard relationships.  I did not/was not taught or allowed to learn, proper boundaries.  I have had to figure that all out by myself. 

But sometimes things that seem so horrific to an outsider, are, to me, "Just another day at the office".  A good example is the other day, with Ron, at the bank. 

I thought it was pretty bad, but, all things considered, it wasn't that far outside the norm for Ron.  There's always that little worm of doubt.  "Am I overreacting?"  Ron would have said yes.  My readers said no.  I need to hear that. 

I have, in some ways, a very difficult life.  Things have changed for me, but it's still hard. 

I sit in my chair and chronicle Ron's slow slide into oblivion, one broken tooth, one blackout, one more case of vodka (thanks, Chuck), at a time.  I know how this will end if God doesn't rapture us soon. 

It ends with him dead, having killed himself.  It is sad, the man who gave me so many lectures about "Not pissing God off and wrecking the BMW he gave you", slowly erodes his own health and well-being, one sip of vodka at a time.   

I would hate to see his liver numbers. 

And the really sad thing, when Ron truly realizes what he has done, he will be so horrified.  But it'll be too late. 

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Anonymous said...

""And the really sad thing, when Ron truly realizes what he has done, he will be so horrified. But it'll be too late."

Very true. Sometimes the consequences of our actions and choices are irreversible. Not everything can be fixed once a person decides to stop living a destructive life. That may be the very reason Ron will continue on this path until he passes on from this world.

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