Saturday, May 27, 2017


I was happy when Ron told me our pickup was coming at 7, instead of 6.  Yay!  Another hour to sleep!  I could get up at 5 instead of 4 AM. 

Unfortunately, I had a hard time falling asleep.  When I got up, I took a shower, ate my protein bar, etc.  I got ready for work. 

Since we were doing our "big truck" day, where we buy a week's worth of inventory in one trip, I wore one of my performance t-shirts.  It has a small snag in it where Torbie caught it one day when she was in my lap. 

When she dies, I'm going to look very silly crying over all that ruined clothing. 

Torbie's actually lying at my feet right now as I type.  It's very cute.  She did it one night when Ron was drunk and aggressive; then she figured out (under my desk) is a nice place and fun to hang out.  So, she does.  Biscuit prefers behind my chair, which means I have to watch out for him when I get up. 

So, we got to the store.  I started shopping, but I couldn't get my phone to work.  It said "Emergency Calls Only".  My payment went through yesterday, they sent me a text message, so I figured that wasn't it.  It was just being a [censored]. 

Why does this matter?  Ron sends me the list as a text.  His phone has a talker on it so he can text.  It came standard with the phone. 

Anyway, he suggested I reboot my phone and I did.  It worked.  Then I went to the shopping.  I got 22 cases of drinks for him and probably another 20 cases for "me". 

Then the wait for Jack.  He was running a little late but he made it.  It was pretty uneventful unloading the truck, but I had a problem when I pushed the carts inside. 

They were waxing the floor right by our fridge.  We have floors, some kind of solid plank.  They require regular applications of smelly black wax.  When they are waxing, they rope off the area and no one's allowed. 

That was a problem for a couple of reasons.  They were fixing the front men's room; and the second men's room was inaccessible due to the wax. 

And Ron had to use the toilet.  I had to push him all the way across the plant.  To illustrate the size of the place, if you walk around the perimeter, it is a mile.  It is a mile around.  I went crossways. 

And a lady was getting ready to clean the men's room.  I begged her to let Ron use it, she did.  The floor wasn't drying in the lady's room so she let me use the men's room, too.  It smelled pissy.  I was glad she was about to clean it. 

Then I pushed Ron partway around the perimeter so I could catch the custodians who were waxing.  We passed the man who ran over Ron, who greeted us joyfully.  I had to laugh.  My life is just so weird.   Ron laughed, too. 

I will say, I thought he had weekends off, but I guess not. 

We went back around, passed the battery room, lots of automated equipment, and finally over to the wax.  I hailed him as "Hey, Sweetie!" and we talked. 

He agreed I could bring my cart into the area and load the fridge.  I took Ron back to our area and put him to work.  I loaded the fridge and got out a cold case of water for Ron.  I told the guys I was done and went back to Ron. 

All this drama had taken a lot of time away from stocking, so I did the bare minimum and we left.  We had to wait a little while on our ride home, the driver was very new, and very careful. 

I've got nothing against someone being careful but it made him slow.  Hopefully he will speed up a little as he gets the hang of things. 

We got home and I took a nap.  I had a couple-hour window.  I had a pretty good nap. 

I woke up and we went to the BBQ place.  We had a nice driver from Sudan.  We got there pretty fast, Ron paid for the toll. 

We had a good meal (I had the half-pound hamburger with a side of bacon, Ron had the rib dinner).  We were there over an hour but we had a good time.  He drank a beer, of course, which I didn't like. 

I wish we could go out to eat without him reaching for the alcohol.   And he wishes I was 150 pounds. 

We had the same driver to come home.  We had a nice straight trip. 

I don't like to talk about nice things I (we) do, but it is unavoidable tonight.  Ron bought Jack a rack of ribs at the BBQ place, called Jack, and told him to come over and pick them up. 

I'm fine with that, but it means I have to keep wearing my bra!  Normally I would be OUT of this thing the minute I walked in the door, but I don't want to give the poor man an eyeful. 

I plan to give him another half hour before I go to bed; Jack did say he might have to pick them up tomorrow.  Worst case he won't be able to pick them up, for whatever reason, and Ron will "have" to eat them. 

I don't think he'd mind. 

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