Thursday, May 18, 2017

The second flavor

I woke up today and took my shower.  Biscuit was sleeping on the loveseat where I do my God Time.  I chuckled at it and told God He would have to fix it if He wanted me to hang out with him, today.  A minute later Biscuit got down on the floor, and stayed there.

I did my God Time.  It had been a few days.  Things have been crazy lately, and I've been off and on depressed.   We had a good time, me and God. 

Then I gathered up the clothes and ran a load.  I had enough for 2 loads; I did the second load later. 

I had a good cuddle with Torbie.  She was so cute I took a photo for my adoptive Mom and she loved it.  She (Torbie) is lying by my feet right now, being cute.  She's a very sweet cat. 

I am constantly baffled how anyone could give her up, but I'm glad they did.  I'm just sorry she had to spend a month at the shelter before I got her. 

Boy, I had a lot of paperwork to fill out to get her, too.  Worth it. 

Ron woke up and we went out to eat.  We went to a local seafood place. 

When we were in Galveston, we went to Landry's.  It is a very fancy seafood place.  The place we went today is far more simple. 

It has pretty much the same menu, though, but far lower prices.  I got the most expensive thing on the menu at $18.  Our total was still only $34, half what it was at Landry's. 

I got a plate with catfish, shrimp, scallops, hushpuppies, fries, and stuffed crab.  I felt it was a good deal.  It was breaded with a  cornmeal batter and was very, very, hot.  I finally left it alone for about 5 minutes before I did any eating, and even then I almost burned my tongue on the catfish.  Ron got an appetizer, shrimp wrapped in bacon.  They also have that at Landry's, but it's a lot cheaper here. 

He enjoyed eating that and then he got a shrimp basket, shrimp, hushpuppies, and fries.  He couldn't finish his meal. 

I ate everything but the coleslaw and enjoyed every bite.  I did not have any problems with my medication, I have figured out I need to eat my pills with a lot of protein and fat.  If I do that, I am fine (ie hamburger).  If I don't (grilled chicken salad), I will run into trouble.  I had no trouble. 

Ron had set it up so we took paratransit one way, and a cab the other way.  The waitress pointed out the cab when it came, and we left (we had already paid and given her, the tip). 

I was happy Ron did not drink, he took his pain medicine on the way home.  Ron had come up with an idea, since we had to go to work to do an inventory, maybe we could do it today. 

I had slept about 11 hours last night, so I figured I would be OK without a nap.  I said OK.  I put on my workboots, badge, and keys. 

Ron called Chuck, who came.  Apparently the A/C is out in his truck again.  Either that or he didn't run it, which I doubt.  I got pretty sweaty on the ride.  He put the window down so the wind was blowing my hair. 

I will have to check myself out in a mirror and see how I look; I used my new conditioner today.  I haven't used conditioner in years, but I thought it might help with the frizzing problem.  No one ran away from me when I got to work so I must have looked OK. 

I got to work and did the inventory.  Then I emptied the yuck bucket in the coffee machine.  After that, I fixed the bill jam in the food machine, Ron had gotten a call about it.  I fixed it all in about 5 minutes. 

The other machines looked fine so I didn't worry about them.  The other vendor gave me back my mag-liner (folding handcart), so I didn't have any concerns about that, either.  I was done. 

Then Ron asked me to verify how many cases of water.  He thought we had 4.  We had 3.  I told him.  Then I came out and we went home. 

Because I did that, I get tomorrow off.  Sounded like a pretty good trade-off to me. 

Ron and I discussed what we wanted to do tomorrow.  I told him I needed more cat food (I do).  So he made a trip to do that.  We can also go to Starbucks and a Kolache factory, they are close by.  That was outing enough for me, tomorrow. 

I will need to empty one of my reusable bags tonight, so I can put the cat food in it tomorrow.  I buy the 5 pound mylar bags, they have a zipper to close it and make it airtight.  The 15 pound bag is cheaper per pound, but it doesn't have the zipper, and I don't have a canister big enough for it.  So I will continue putting my 5 pound bag into the 2-gallon bucket with a lid. 

Ron found some cat food in his closet, it is a different brand, still good, the "second" flavor we were offering for the cats when we just had a bottomless food bowl for them.  I don't do that anymore but they did like the flavor.  I will have to see if they still do, or I can give it to Mike at work. 

Mike has 3 cats, all rescues.  He is not picky about what he feeds them and I have given him cat food before.

Or, I may just feed it to my guys.  It hasn't reached the sell-by date yet, after all. 

We'll see. 

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