Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Treat Man has a blackout

Why am I posting at 4:42 AM? 

Ron had a blackout.  I heard a loud crash in the kitchen, didn't think anything of it.  Later on Ron started screaming at me to tell him what "it" was. 

He was trying to climb into the refrigerator, he apparently thought the door to the fridge was the door to his room, and couldn't figure out how he could make it work.  He did that twice. 

That's when I saw the mess.  He took the lids off 2 jars of protein powder and spread them all over the counter and floor.  Not only that, he put his leftover rib bones into the canisters, effectively ruining the powders. 

I wasn't happy.  He will be buying me new powders. 

Then I saw the laceration on his head; he apparently hit his head on the counter.  It wasn't too bad as these things go so I didn't bother him with it. 

Needless to say (the powder was spread all over him, as well) he will require a complete change of clothing when he wakes up. 

Once I freed him from the evil clutches of the fridge, I shoved his wheelchair into the bedroom.  He kept screaming at me to shut the door, so I did. 

He was quiet all night, as far as I know.  The cats, however, were not.  They wanted to get in to Treat Man. 

We have a general policy in the house that Ron gives the treats.  That way he gets to interact with the cats on a level he can.  I will occasionally give a "healthy" treat to Biscuit or Baby Girl, they like the healthy treats, but Torbie won't touch them. 

So I had Torbie and Baby Girl crying and scratching at his door all night.  It made it hard to sleep.  I had nightmares about his blackout and then I woke up with severe gum pain.  I am having a gingivitis attack on one of my molars and it hurts so bad.  The aspirin takes off most of the edge but it took a while for it to kick in; when it did I had to get up. 

What a day already. 


Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I am sorry about last night , getting minimally involved is the best thing..did he finish his antibiotic and make ten days sober?
I would insist he buy the powder as well . Sending much love and strength .

Heather Knits said...

No, he didn't make it sober for 10 days. Unfortunately the pharmacist said "moderate" drinking was OK. He cut back about 25% on his drinking and called that "moderate".

I made him clean up the mess and he will be buying me a new jar of powder. That stuff costs like $20 a jar. Even if it didn't, it's the principle.

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