Wednesday, May 3, 2017

She left him sitting in the middle of the street

What a bitch. 

We had a ride to Walmart today.  I had to get some things before my family comes to visit. 

The driver was half an hour late when she did show up, and had a massive attitude.  I told Ron there would not be room for him in the backseat, and he would have to ride in the wheelchair compartment.  He was fine with that. 

I left him sitting on the curb and got into the vehicle.  The driver got out, all upset that I had gotten into the vehicle, and demanded to see Ron's "ID" before he boarded.  He mentioned she was a half hour late.  She started yelling and accusing Ron of getting ugly.  Ron said he was fine, he just wanted to go to Walmart.

She got a very nasty attitude, telling Ron he had to line up with the wheelchair ramp, because "She wasn't moving him".  Ron replied "Lady, I'm blind.  What do you want me to do?" 

That was it for her, she started screaming she couldn't take this anymore, etc.  She left Ron sitting in the middle of the street and got on her radio, complaining she couldn't take him, he was too awful. 

They kept telling her she had to take him.  She said she would be unsafe driving with Ron (in the extreme rear of the vehicle, far away from her), etc.  So they finally gave her what she wanted. 

They said they would send us another vehicle.  We are waiting for that to happen.  It could be a while. 

Ron has to reschedule his Walmart pickup now and figure out how the hell we're getting there to begin with. 

Ron called in a complaint to one person, he will call in a formal complaint today (I'll make sure of it) because she left him sitting in the middle of the street.  He's blind, he doesn't know which way to go.  If I hadn't moved him he very well could have been hit.  Again. 

What a bitch. 

I know she won't last long, she's too volatile, but I just wish I could hurry it up. 


Anonymous said...

Omg you are having a hell of a week I am so sorry!
Why are people "yelling"? This is a horrible way to treat people

If I had to say I "hate" anything is yelling I hate yelling.

Heather Knits said...

She was having a lot of drama. And her drama was more important than anything else in the world, including Ron's safety or doing her job responsibly. One of those "World revolves around me" drama queens/divas. I doubt she'll be doing this for long. Ron filed a formal complaint.

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