Thursday, May 4, 2017

There will be a next time

Well, we went to the BBQ place, got the ribs, and went to the dentist.  They were happy to get the ribs but the dentist said he couldn't eat them. 

When queried, he did say he was open to the idea of BBQ chicken.  So we can bring that next time. 

And there will be a next time.  Ron broke a crown, at the post, the whole crown, some tooth, and half the post came out.  That will be about $900 to fix. 


They did that crown back in 2004 so it had a pretty good life, but I am so sick of taking Ron to the dentist.  They are all nice people, particularly the dentist, but I am just tired of it. 

Afterward we went to Walmart and bought another fan for the house.  They help keep the electric bill down.  I bought a gift bag for Mom's present (not expensive) some soda, and a few bags of Queso chips.  I really like them.  These are the one ounce bags. 

When Ron asked me what he did last night, I said I was done telling him.  I did tell him 2 things he did that were safety hazards, including breaking a glass jar full of instant tea powder, all over the floor.  It's a miracle, I told him, he didn't walk in the broken glass.  It's a miracle I didn't, because if I injure myself like that because of something he did when drunk, I am taking some time off of work.  He will have to explain why.  I also mentioned I was kept up most of the night. 

I'm going to bed early tonight.  God willing, I will make up my sleep and I will be "fresh" and ready to go tomorrow. 

We have to work. 

I just wish, with all the money we're spending at the dentist, I wish I felt like Ron really cared about taking care of his teeth. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh bummer on the teeth and $900 to repair it ..yikes! I know I hate having teeth pulled as well .
I can not imagine not taking care of my mouth . When I feel depressed I do get to the point of where it is the last thing I want to do .

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