Monday, May 22, 2017

It's all red

I had a hard time getting up this morning but I did it.  I took my shower, ate my protein bar, and took some aspirin.  I had a headache. 

Not to freak out the guys, but I have noticed a hormonal component to my headaches.  Before I ovulate, I can eat anything.  Afterward, I am far more prone to headaches.  The headaches reach a crescendo right before I start my period and then it's back to eating anything I want.  Right now, that means I have about a 10 day window. 

I already ovulated so - and I find it so funny, my body is all "Let's make a BABY!" every month, and I'm, like, "No!" [grin].  I have to laugh at my biology.  This has happened hundreds of times, you think my body would get the point. 

Anyway, I can expect a lot more headaches. 

We went to work.  We rode with a man in a wheelchair who reeked of cigarette smoke.  It was awful, especially with my headache.  I reminded myself that smoking was probably the man's only pleasure. He was dressed all in red so he must live in "Bloods" territory.  Or maybe he was a former gang member who got shot. 

Living in the big city, you learn a lot about "colors".  Bright red = "Bloods" gang.  I find them pretty much everywhere I go to do evangelism.  Bright cobalt blue = "Crips" I don't see them much at all, at least in my circles, it is all red. 

I don't buy Ron any cobalt or bright red t-shirts.  If he comes on a Bible Handout with me, I don't want him getting shot.  I don't have any cobalt or bright red in my wardrobe, either.  I mainly have a lot of black t-shirts and pants.  I guess because I am so prone to depression. 

Too bad I don't wear makeup, or I could go for the "emo" look with white powdery cake foundation and lots of black eyeliner.  I never dressed like that in highschool. 

When I was manic, I wore a lot of makeup, badly applied.  When I was depressed I was lucky to wash my hair. 

We went to work.  It was pretty quiet.  Snacks didn't need anything but the pastry, which I did.  Ron was in a foul, negative, mood, making nasty comments at God.  He was toxic.  It didn't help when he bumped into the open door on the snack machine and punctured a can of soda, which began spraying into the coin mech.  I frantically tried to clean it while Ron yelled at me to get rid of the dripping can.  Let it drip, I thought, I'm trying to save the coin mech.  I hope I did.  I was too scared to test it. 

The rest of the work day was pretty uneventful.  We went home. 

I figured out how to download scripture booklets from World Missionary Press, and grabbed a couple.  Here's the link:

I took a nap and got up with yet another headache.  I took more aspirin.  Both my psychiatrist and pharmacist agree that it is better for me to take aspirin, so I do. 

We went to Walmart.  Ron was "Mr Negative".  He called me a couple times and seemed to cheer up.  He wanted Advil (I have to think that is better than the Tylenol), apple juice, Spaghettios with meatballs, and cat treats.  I got all of them. 

I made my deposit so I can pay my health insurance.  Ron called the dentist and arranged for step 2 of his root canal.  [sigh]  Last year we had a bunch of expensive home repairs that ate all our money.  This year it's his teeth. 

I got my stuff, not much, some diet Mountain Dew, some scented detergent paks (I plan to use them on Ron's clothes), etc.  I bought Biscuit and friends a case of Salmon Pate.  I bought myself some canned food for "dinners".  I also bought some yogurt.  Yogurt is a quick and easy meal, and if I eat the whole-fat greek style, I can take my medication.  I also bought another gallon of organic whole milk. 

I try to incorporate quality foods when I can. 

We came home.  Our driver used to be very difficult and demanding, but has made a massive improvement.  Now I like riding with him.  We had a safe ride home. 

I bought everything in and put it away, giving Ron his stuff. 

I watched a little TV and did some computer time.  I gathered up dirty clothes for the laundry.  Ron shouted at me because he hadn't cleaned the litter box (one of them).  Sigh.  It's been a long day. 

When I was a teenager with a diary, I used to write I was "ET" - emotionally tired.  It fits, today. 

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Anonymous said...

I could eat a grilled cheese sandwich every single day growing up ..EXCEPT 2-3 days before my period I would hurl.
I get what you are saying !

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