Friday, July 24, 2015

Zip zip zoom

I woke up depressed, but I had slept pretty well.  Torbie has been very attentive to me, lately.  She's my foul weather cat, my best buddy when I'm depressed, disdaining me when I'm having an average or manic day. 

I didn't take a shower, just applied extra deodorant. 

The cable guys were coming. 

They arrived on time and went out back, doing something in the backyard for a good half hour.  God only knows.  I will say my computer seems to be running a lot faster now. 

They came in.  I showed them my electronics, and they said they'd leave the computers hardwired to the modem.  Good. 

They set up the modem and made sure to test the computers.  They did something to Eric's network (he's the one who gave me this desktop, last year) and now both computers can be used at the same time.  Interesting. 

I verified I could get online, with both, and sent them off with a few Bibles. 

I took a nap.  I was pretty moody because I had waited to take my antidepressant.  I was worried it would make me groggy and I wouldn't be able to set up the mobile devices. 

I got up after about an hour, took it, and set up the devices.  Blogger and Amazon work on my tablet.  Facebook probably does. 

I didn't check it. 

I was able to download a couple of free Kindle books, much to my satisfaction.  I was so sick of the old way, boot the old computer... that takes about half an hour.  I'm not kidding.  Then load the internet, load Amazon, USB cable, transfer to hard drive, (because I get a blue screen of death, if I try to plug in the actual Kindle when I'm online), etc.  You get the idea. 

Zip, zip, zoom.  I am very happy. 

I'm really happy the service call only cost Ron $35.  His love language is acts of service, he wants to do things for me. 

He did. 

And it won't cost us any more money per month. 

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