Thursday, July 2, 2015

Depressed again

Pretty depressed today. 

No headache. 

I'm just exhausted. 

We went to work, the snack machines were nearly empty.  It was alarming. 

I am glad they like my selections; but instead of working on the 4th, we have to work tomorrow instead, and do truck day. 

People ask sometimes, how often do we work?  I try to convey, it really depends on sales.  Weeks like this one, pretty much every single day. 

I'm also trying to focus on positive things, like things I love about Ron. 

Torbie chewed up the charger cord for his cell phone.  He was very nice about it, to both her and me. 

My illness doesn't scare him.  That, to me, is huge.  He respects that it is dangerous and fatal if untreated, and respects me for fighting it. 

I need that. 

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