Friday, July 10, 2015


Oh.  This day. 

We had some kind of power surge at work, which caused a small fire.  The alarm went off and we ignored it, thinking it was just another drill. 

A manager finally dragged us out, acting like the whole place was in flames. 

They finally let us back in, only to discover the power out and most of our machines malfunctioning. 


I didn't sleep well last night, in spite of the Benadryl.  I kept getting up to urinate. 

I didn't do my God time in the morning (did it before I logged on just now).  I did get my shower.  For *some reason* I was drawn to wear my extra comfy, oversized navy t-shirt.  So glad I did. 

I got to work, only to get shouted at by a customer.  I discovered Snack 2 had a coin jam, got that fixed.  Someone had tried to use a Mexican dime.  [sigh]  Don't do that. 

The board fried right as I closed it.  Dead as a doornail now.  Great.  I have a dead, fully stocked vending machine. 

I destocked it, donning my rubber gloves yet again as I dealt with the Crackers of Death (peanut butter).  I got shouted at a few times over my lack of Death Crackers.  I kept telling them, touching this stuff could kill me.  I will work out a way to stock but please be patient. 

Snack 2 is adjacent to Snack 1.  I basically used #2's inventory to stock #1. 

But #1 was acting up, if you used change it was acting funny.  [clutching my head]  I pray that is resolved tomorrow. 

About this time we had the Great Fire. 

I came back and #1 was giving away inventory every time I turned it on.  Well, I had to turn it off.  #2 was already dead so no worries.  #3 was the best - it at least said LOW AMPERAGE ERROR so I knew to turn it off, as well. 

We waited as long as we could, but when we left (2 hours late!), the plant was still running on generators, at a standstill.  I doubt much of Houston will get mail tomorrow. 

Since we were trapped outside, with half our inventory sitting on carts in the main area, we had to suspend our pickup.  Then work 2 hours overtime.  We had a pretty good ride home. 

The driver was a big, scary-looking, Nigerian dude.  He asked about the cats.  When we got to the house he squealed "Biscuit!  Hi Biscuit!" in an adorable tone of voice, as he saw Biscuit sitting in the doorway.  Biscuit didn't say hi, but he didn't run off, either. 

Thank God Ron had made a trip to Arby's.  I love Arby's and had asked for the trip. 

Since everything was suspended I could take a while after dinner, so I went over to the dollar store and loaded up on various items: dish soap for work, air fresheners, a cat toy, some snacks, etc.  I had a lot of fun and Ron was happy to wait. 

I got back and we had to wait an hour for our ride home, and the driver got lost.  I could see her riding around in the parking lot looking for us.  I kept waving - I don't know why she didn't see me. 

[sigh]  Finally, she arrived.  I loaded our items and we came home.  I still need to take my meds, but at least I am done for the day. 

I just pray, tomorrow, we find a steady power supply.  I pray the machines are working when I turn them on again. 

I did find it funny, the complex machines, like the bottle vendor and food machines, were fine.  The simpler machines, like snacks, were massacred. 

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