Sunday, July 5, 2015

Treat Daddy

Nasty headache today. 

However, I do have some news. 

1.  I tried out the new menstrual cup.  The "installation" took a minute but I got it.  I left it in for several hours and had a pretty easy time with removal.  I couldn't really feel it.  I think it will work very well for my purposes. 

2.  I want to use a pad as a backup.  However, the ones I have used in the past were incredibly uncomfortable.  They caused irritation. 

Yesterday I got a couple different types.  Today I tried the "Always Radiant".  It's the most comfortable of any pad I've tried, lately.  It does a good job of "vanishing" after installation and it doesn't make me ITCHY!  I'm really happy I got them, I think they will work very well. 

Ron didn't want to go to church, so we went to the pet store instead. 

Well, we got dropped at Starbucks.  I set him up in the "good chair".  I didn't get anything because coffee makes my head SCREAM on a good day, much less a nasty headache one like today. 

Also, I didn't much like the CEO'S attitude when he said "If you can't support gay marriage, don't give us your money".  Ron chooses to use them.  I don't.  I buy a soda at another place next door. 

Our cats like Simply Nourish Grain Free Salmon.  They also like Blue Wilderness Salmon.  They like the Blue, better. 

They ate all their Blue, we still have some SN. 

I went to the store.  They were out, of SN, and the Blue in the 5 pound bags.  They did have the 11 pounders. 

Ron doesn't like them as much because they don't have the ziplock, but he saves the 5 pound bags for just that purpose.  I called him, he asked for 3 bags total - 33 pounds. 

That will keep them going for a while after a disaster!  LOL 

Assuming I had some extra food on hand, I'd feel like a real shit if I had stuff for me, but not the cats.  Now the cats have plenty of food, and we will rotate it to keep it fresh. 

I also bought some big containers of catnip treats.  I am really blessed in that: all my cats like the same food, and treats.  I also bought an extra box of treats for emergencies. 

It would be catastrophic, for Ron, if he ran out of treats.  He is "Treat Daddy". 

Having all his problems, he can't really interact with them the way an "average" would, so I "let" him have that.   He feeds them.  I take care of the water and litter.  I pet them a lot and interact with them visually.  I think it's a pretty good balance, and Ron looks so cute lying in bed, surrounded by cats, doling out treats. 

I also bought some small cans of Simply Nourish Venison wet cat food.  Biscuit, Gravy, and Baby Girl love it.  Torbie doesn't do wet food. 

I mainly got it for Biscuit, he is a little pukey on dry food, and gets so excited over the venison.  When we got home, I cracked a can.  He and "Brother" had a good time working on it, then Biscuit came and slept with me during my nap!  That's a nice treat for me! 

I see Biscuit assuming Torbie's role, more, as my "Cuddle cat", when she passes.  Gravy is more Daddy's boy, although he loves me too.  I got a lovely "licking" from him this morning - Gravy's love language is grooming.  I thanked him profusely and apologized for tasting bad (I assume the lithium makes me taste funny).   Torbie likes to walk around on me, in bed or during my God Time, purring and getting petting.  Baby Girl likes tummy rubs when I come home from work.

I was waylaid by another "cat lady" (nothing like 4 pounds of treats, plus 33 pounds of dry and several cans, to yell "CAT LADY" to other shoppers), who told me all about every cat she'd ever had, photos on the cell phone, and even a video of her cat and her dog together.

Well, I want to be a good listener.  

Back at Starbucks, Ron was intercepted by "my cousin" (a guy with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - you get to recognizing them pretty easily.  He is always making odd, inappropriate comments).   Ron witnessed to him, and the guy met me coming back to the store.

"He got his sight back and left you for another woman" (see what I mean?)
"Are you sure it wasn't another man?"
 "Uh, Uh...."  [snicker]

The sporting goods store didn't open until after 11.  I went there after I got the cat food.  I left the cat food, all 33 pounds of it, by the registers, and did a little shopping.  I bought a water bottle and a water bottle sling - it's a nice strap that goes over my shoulder. 

I don't usually have "hands free" when I'm helping Ron with mobility, so that's a great idea.  I got a 48 ounce Nalgene and the sling. 

I have the bottle in the fridge right now, filled with filtered tap water.  I have one of those $20 tap water filters.  We like it a lot. 

Ron has a bad habit of turning it on at a trickle for Gravy, then forgetting it.  That's happened a few times the last few weeks.  It's a good thing he pays the water bill! 

I'm using "my" water because the water at work comes from a well, often contaminated with coliform (I used to live nearby and got water quality reports), and always reeking of chlorine.  It reminds me of my washer, when I'm washing towels and have put a cup or so of cheapo bleach in the water. 

Gag.  I have enough issues with nausea and headaches. 

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