Thursday, July 23, 2015

Truck guys

Pretty wiped out tonight. 

I always think I'll only write a paragraph. 

Last night, as I went to bed, I made tragic noises.  Ron became quite alarmed, until I explained the plan. 

Torbie likes an invitation to sleep with me.  If I act pitiful, she will come "save" me, but I have to put on the show. 

It's out little routine. 

I did it, and sure enough, she leapt on top of me about 5 minutes later (she doesn't come on command).  She got her petting, walked on my ribs (ouch), and purred.  She laid down near my waist. 

I made more tragedy, and then scratched the sheet near my head.  After some consideration, she chose to join me. 


I'd love to say I slept great.  I did fall asleep fast but I had a heart-pounding nightmare about something that could actually go wrong in my life. 

My pillow fell off the bed, leaving me with a rather flat one I use as a topper.  I found my sleep more comfortable, so I plan to maintain the arrangement. 

I got up, exhausted.  I did all my grooming and went off to the warehouse.  I bought enough supplies for work, but enough to fit on paratransit.  I can't say enough about the combination packs.  They have saved me on many occasions. 

Our one truck guy is out sick this week.  The other guy is busy.  We need more truck guys. 

I got to work and stocked it all, helped Ron, and organized the stockroom.  The guys from the state took some dead equipment, so I have more room on my racks. 

We came home.  It was a longer ride, the other client was rather rude to the driver.  I was happy to see her exit. 

Finally, home.  I took a short nap.  Ron kept talking to me, but I was so tired I fell asleep anyway. 

Torbie joined me again. 

I woke up, did my God Time (I do my best, these days).  Our ride came to take us to dinner. 

Ron had already made the trip, and wasn't hungry, so we just had sodas and talked.  It was not a table service place. 

We came home, Ron went to bed, and I watered my plants out back.  The Jerusalem Artichokes are not liking the heat.  I watered it, and my bay tree, about the only garden I have left. 

The rest is pretty dessicated, and mowed within an inch of it's life (we have a yard guy). 

Now, bed.  Tomorrow should be an interesting day off.  I'll tell you all about how I dropped my menstrual cup in the toilet (thank God at home). 

God knows I need it. 

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